Advice needed on PS1 stitch breakage!

  1. I'm wondering are there any patterns here of issues. Medium vs large? Year/season? Etc?
  2. This is so concerning to me, especially since it appears that it's a common defect among such an expensive bag.
  3. Mine's a large, and I bought it last september, so a FW2011, prob. It's the mushroomy smoke, not the more greyish smoke that came before (which is too bad because I loved the older color).

    I'm extremely confused about this seeing as the OP just posted about hers yesterday, what are the odds of two PF members having the same issue within a day of each other? It must be much more common than it should be, not that it should be happening at all.
  4. UPDATE:

    As you all know, I sent my picture to PS CS yesterday afternoon, and I received a reply first thing this morning! They apologized for the injury to my bag, requested my order number to verify the purchase, and offered to get the bag repaired and back to me as soon as possible. They said once they confirm the order, they would be able to start the repair process with me. My experience with PS CS has always been so fabulous, I really didn't expect anything less. So I've sent them my International Order receipt, and am awaiting word back. I will continue to update everyone on the situation!

    Good memory! I did just get the bag, at the beginning of April. I also own a LKA, that I've had for over a year. Not a single issue, and it's been through a lot! So don't worry, that bag is incredibly durable and resilient.

    Sarahoo: We are bag twins! Not in a good way..
  5. UPDATE #2:

    My order was confirmed with the ecommerce department and I was promptly sent a form to fill out and include with my bag. She said repairs can take up to 4-6 weeks, but there will be no charge for repair service as PS stand behind their handbags. She said to let her know if there's anything else I may need. I'm happy this will go back to the source to be fixed (which won't compromise the integrity of the bag in its original form), but I'm so sad to have to part with my Birch for a month!
  6. Seeing these bags deconstruct is unbelievable! I've had bags that cost less than one tenth of the price hold up way better. Makes me nervous to use mine.
  7. ^This sounds really good they stand behind their products, and I think we'll see improvements in the PS1:s in the future. I hope you get your beloved Birch PS1 back fast now.
  8. Thank you so much Ellie! I appreciate that.
  9. Very good news! I wish they had a different return/exchange policy, but it obviously pays to make your purchase directly from PS.
  10. I am SO glad that they got back to you right away and are going to fix the bag. Good to hear that they aren't giving you the run around.

    I hope so! It would be dumb of them not to address the recent quality issues. If they see a drop in sales it might be because of all of the women on tPF complaining about quality! It definitely makes me want to only buy direct from PS or from Nordstrom so I can make sure any future bags will be fixed if there is a problem.
  11. Thank you! I was very appreciative in my emails back to CS, and just received the nicest letter in return. It included: "I am not too sure why this happened but all our bags are handmade which has its ups and downs. That is why we stand behind our handbags and make sure we can repair any normal wear to the bag!" I am very happy with PS, they have been fabulous.
  12. Micole, love your Birch. I'm really happy you got a quick response from PS and it can be fixed. One thing that concerns me (reading through the various issues the ladies have had) is the sense that PS stands by their product only if you purchased directly from PS. Which doesn't seem right.
  13. You're right. They do also stand behind the bags if they are purchased at retail stores like Barney's etc. They seem to take issue with a person that needs the repair, but can't produce an original receipt. The problem is, in this day and age, so many ladies buy and sell bags to other people online. Take Rebecca Minkoff for an example. Her products are less than half the price and her brand/company is well aware of how many Minkettes buy and sell bags online. They would never require the original receipt. Hell, sometimes people just aren't good at keeping up with their own receipts, period!!

    As I told them when I had an issue, if I send this bag to you and you say it's fake, fine. But if it's not fake, then you have no reason not to provide the service of repairing an issue that wasn't created by user error.
  14. Micole, glad to hear it seems it will get repaired! And sorry you'll be without for several weeks. :sad:
  15. Yes, glad to hear PS will repair your bag! The Birch is such a lovely color. Hopefully this will be the end of any quality issues you have.

    My PS1 has been through practically everything, from rain storms to a major orange juice spill. While it has a couple of stains on the back from my own carelessness, I haven't had a single problem with screws, seams, or any other bag construction issues. I hope your experience with your PS1 is the exception and not the rule.