Advice needed on Papier A4 Zip bag!!!!

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  1. Hey everyone,

    So after a very long bag ban I decided to buy a preloved Bal online. I went for the Papier A4 Zip but I never paid any attention to the Papier bags when in store so I had no idea what to expect. It is practically brand new and even has the new leather smell! So my questions are..

    The leather on a papier is different to my citys so can it be sprayed with water repellent as people do to other brands of leather bags? (eg. on my Mulberry Alexa I use collonil spray)

    Can anyone recommend a good liner/organizer to fit the bag?

    And lastly, what should the leather be like in terms of creasing etc.? There is one patch on the front of the bag which is very creased and ropey looking compared to the rest of the bag which is smooth. Is this normal and will the rest of the bag crease eventually? Or is this just not a good bag?

    Here are photos of the bad patch and the rest of the bag



    Thanks in advance,
  2. Good choice for choosing Papier. It's my favorite range from Balenciaga now.

    I don't think Papier will need any water repellent products. I leave mine as it's with no issue. As for the creasing, i believe it will be smoothend out with usage
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  3. hi xNadx! I'm with peacebabe as far as favorite range from Bal currently. I'm usually hesitant with putting products on my bags but I know many others do with great results. My recent Mini Paper A4 zip around is grainy goat leather & the smallest size vs your A4 zip... I'm guessing they chose this leather to retain its boxy shape/structure. Last, I know folks who have Samorga brand organizers for various bags including Bal. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1466854997.130520.jpg
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