Advice needed on necklace options, please!

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  1. Hello, All! Would love some advice on two necklace options...I'm debating between the magic pendant MOP or onyx (leaning MOP) versus the pink gold sweet long necklace, 16 motif.


    Would appreciate the advice of you VCA connoisseurs out there in helping this newbie with her first selection. Thank you!
  2. I would go with the magic necklace (1 motif).
    It shows off more; although it is just 1 motif instead of 16 motifs
  3. Thank you for your input, 00sara00!
  4. Same, I see you are in ATL - are you able to go into the VCA within NM and try on these 2 necklaces? I can recommend a wonderful SA ;)

    Remember you would get a more delicate look with the 16 motifs and can be layered while the single motif gives a younger vibe. Both are lovely so it would be hard to choose honestly.
  5. Thanks for your input Hadassa. I stopped there and was only interested in the longer pendant at that moment. I started wondering about the 16 motif afterward I need to go back to consider this one as well. Tough choice but I like the "younger vibe" idea!
  6. I recently attended a charity luncheon where I spotted a young woman wearing the long magic pendant in mop.
    It was strikingly beautiful and elegant.
  7. Thanks for your feedback texasgirliegirl!
  8. TGG, did you find that the pendant swung around a lot when you tried it? I have read where some people have had issues with that.
  9. I bought the long pendant last month and have worn it a few times. I wear it on the smaller adjustment as I did find it was swinging around at the longest setting. Plus I feel the length looks better on me at this setting (I'm 5'2"). I love it! I have the vintage earrings and necklace and the magic ring and wanted to add something fun so added the long necklace to my collection as well and am happy I did 😊
  10. I am partial to the long magic pendant - it can be worn long or short for versatility and I find it can be worn casual or formal at the same time. Really depends on what look you got going on :smile:

    I have 2 magic long pendants and I sometimes wear them both at them same time for a different look as well.
  11. Yes.
    This piece works better for the less endowed...
  12. Got it :winkiss:
  13. Haha, about "less endowed"!! Thank you all for your feedback. You all have convined me now to take the plunge!! Will keep you posted!