Advice needed: on INR

  1. Hi need your help again. I bought a swimsuit on eBay. In the listing it says the item will ship within 4 days.
    It been 7 days and no tracking number. I contact the seller numerous time, no response.
    How should i file INR, should i file with eBay or PP?
    At this point i just want my money back. Im so disappoint with the seller....
    Please help.
    Your input is greatly appreciate:smile:
  2. I'd file an INR with Paypal - although I'd give the seller a few more days to respond to your email, perhaps they are on holiday?
  3. I don't think you can file this soon... I would wait a few more days... Maybe the seller is on vacay
  4. Try to be a bit more patient. It might have shipped but just doesn't have a tracking number.
  5. ^^ This is the only reason I'd wait for a couple more days before filing INR. Even if the seller has gone on vacation, it is still their responsibility to ship out items in the timeframe specified. While I understand that family emergencies and such come up, I've always found a way to notify my buyers of *any* delay in shipping beyond 24 hrs.

    However, if they shipped toward the end of their 4 day window and then went out of town, they may not be checking at all. And it might arrive.

    If you get to 10 days after purchase, and still haven't heard, file an INR. My last experience like this was with a seller who didn't ship for about 10 days, and then shipped the wrong item, wanted me to pay for the expense of her getting me the right item, etc. All around poor. But maybe in this case it's just a lack of communication.
  6. So far.. No package today. Try to contact seller. No response. Idk.
  7. If they state they ship within 4 days(business days, right?) and it has only been 5 business days since you paid, I would give it a few more days. Where is it coming from in respect to where you are?
    I am not currently selling on eBay, but a few months ago, I was and ended up in emergency surgery (issue started Sunday night). I was able to contact my buyers the next day, but the unexpected surgery and hospital stay began on a Tuesday, so if I had sold something, say on Saturday, it might not have been shipped til that Thursday. No way I would ask my husband to ship something I sold. lol I was lucky in having terrific buyers.
  8. As mentioned above, there might not be a tracking # or they may be on vacation..

    I would wait until Saturday if you don't receive your item, would file an INR

    & hopefully your buyer will provide some shipping info...
  9. I bought last wednesday and pay immediately.
    I dont mind if seller need more time to ship but just let the buyer know.
    It been 7 days, and no response from seller.
  10. Last Wednesday, - Thur, Friday, Saturday & Monday... maybe Tuesday... Give it 5 days after that to arrive (if First Class or Priority, 10-14 days for Parcel Post)
  11. This.
  12. This is what happens when you reward no communication (thanks, ebay), and buyers don't send confirmation numbers; you get uneasy buyers. When I have sold, I always send out a message to the buyers the next day (yep, I send the next day) and let them know the delivery confirmation numbers and if they will need to sign for the package. That way they know when to look out for things and can plan accordingly.

    If emergencies come up, and they do (such as the poster above having hospitalization), most buyers I hope would be understanding.

    Communication really is the key to successful transactions.
  13. I agree.

  14. absolutely positively...
  15. I just check the seller feedback and apparently she has poor communication. Also she send a package to a buyer that has nothing in it. Also a very slow shipper.
    All those feedback are scaring me.