Advice needed on Hermes wallets

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  1. I want a H wallet, but it has to be big as I always fill mine up a lot (not with cash, sigh!!!) I know there's the Bearn and the Dogon, but how big are they? and is there anything else? I use the LV Passport Organizer which I find very practical but I would like to change to Hermes. I would like your expert knowledge and advice :biggrin: thanks!!
  2. Hi Duna!

    I have the Bearn in purple and chevre mysore leather. The size that I have has 5 card slots, a zip pocket for coins, 3 slide pockets to put my money and other things. Because it only has 5 card slots, I put my other cards (insurance, grocery, etc... not necessarily credit cards) in the slide pockets. It's a very nice size and super lightweight. Also, even though it has a zip coin pocket, it is not bulky at all.
  3. I think the Bearn is the best of the H wallets. I love the gold or Palladium "H" closure. A Dogon is more of an empty space, maybe better used as a travel wallet. :smile:
  4. Thanks girls! I will drop by my local H. store ASAP and see what they 've got.. and I will report back to you..:biggrin:
  5. Thanks La Van! your wallet looks LOVELY:love: :love: I can't wait to go to H. and see what they have, unfortunately I'll have to wait till next week I don't think I can make it before; anyway I'll keep you informed...:biggrin:
  6. La Van, thanks for posting the interior pics of your wallet. I was afriad it wouldn't have enough room for all my cards but, like you do, I can put my insurance and grocery store cards in the slide pockets. It's such a well made wallet - Can't wait to get mine!
  7. I really love this wallet :love: :love: :love: It's super light weight and not bulky. I think they really made a good job of designing it with the coin zip pocket and other slide pockets :biggrin: I'd recommend it. Get it in chevre if you can :amuse:
  8. Oh yes, chevre is my love!!
  9. Duna, I highly recommend the Bearn wallet!!! I have one in Chevre Mysore & I :love: it!

    I agree with La Van on all her points about how great the Bearn is!

    Dogon is more like a big empty space & would be more useful as a travel wallet to hold passport, papers etc. I once bought a Dogon but I returned it as I don't find it useful as an everyday wallet. JMO of course..hope this helps! :smile:

    ETA: If you have lots to carry in your wallet, the Bearn also comes in a tri-fold version...which has one more panel of 5 slots for cards & 1 more slot pocket. You can see pics of a tri-fold Bearn at this eBay auction ( Item #6857618828 ).
  10. Just wondering how much does a Bearn cost, is it readily available and what are the color choices? Thanks....
  11. Hi belen, Bearn wallets are usually readily available at the stores. They come in a wide selection of colors & leathers. The stock depends from store to store.

    If you don't see the colors you like, you can ask the SA for help. Not all are displayed..a lot are actually kept in their boxes and the cupboards. They sometimes keep the nice colors/leathers for their good customers ;)

    A normal leather bi-fold Bearn is about US$1,800 & tri-fold is about US$2,000. Those in croc & ostrich will cost alot more. There is also a compact Bearn but I can't remember how much it is. Hope this helps! :smile:
  12. Thanks Gigi. You and Greentea are such assets to this forum...Really appreciate your expertise and your willingness to help a newbie.
  13. I saw a lovely rouge ostrich Bearn tri-fold for $2500 :biggrin: I prefer the bi-fold though, I'm waiting to find one in croc. I loveee that wallet!
  14. You're welcome belen! It's great to be able to share my love for Hermes & help fellow PF members! :smile: