Advice needed on first purchase :)

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  1. Hi everyone, so some of you may know that I'll be purchasing my first ever pair of Chanel sunglasses soon - and first Chanel item too! I'm very excited :smile:

    I'm interested in these sunglasses and wondered if anyone had them.


    Just a bit concerned about the patent leather on the arms and how this might age or wear over time? I've never heard of sunglasses with leather on before.

    Any feedback would be appreciated, thank you

    Here are two others that I like, so any recommendations would be appreciated too :smile:



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  2. I have the third pair in black and like them fine :smile:

    I really liked these but my SA could not find them in the system. so in addition to the ones you are looking at, ended up with another pair like them that have little bows instead of camellias on the side (I cannot find the on the chanel website though) and love the cat eye shape! :graucho:

    sunglasses are so specific to each person! I have a hard time because I have like no bridge to my nose and very ummmm full cheekbones LOL

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  3. Lol, I totally agree that sunglasses depend on shape of face etc. I definitely prefer over sized, usually more rounded than completely square but happy to experiment with shapes and sizes!

    I actually really like the third pair, they were my initial choice until I saw these with the leather on

    I've never tried a cat eye shape, very pretty!
  4. I have a black pair with the bows in white - I got them last year and love them. I really like the bow sunglasses pictured in your post.
  5. Thank you, the bows are adorable! I think the pair you're referring to are the very first pair of Chanel sunglasses that I ever wanted but now can't find. Im worried about preloved sunglasses as they're so hard to authenticate.
  6. +1 on the bows! But if you can, go try them all on!! I feel like I always make up my mind, then try on, and change it!! Have fun!
  7. Have you tried looking at your local nordstrom? I saw a few pairs of bow sunglasses at mine! :]
  8. I definitely will, I'm heading to the boutique next month I think so will try them all and probably end up with something entirely different haha thank you!
  9. Hi, I'm from the UK so we don't have Nordstrom unfortunately but ill definitely check out a few boutiques and see if they can track some down as they must still be available ! Thank you :smile: hope I can find a pair!
  10. If I remember it right, she is in UK and was debating if she should get a pair in US vs UK.

  11. They are pretty easy to find in US (with black or white bow).

    So go to a few boutiques and see if you can find a pair in UK

    If not, I am pretty sure you can find a pair in US when you come over

  12. I just checked and the style number is 5171 for the ones I have. I got them in the Chanel boutique at Selfridges in Manchester. Good luck with deciding which ones to go for :smile:
  13. I love the cat eye Txrosegirl posted or the bow sunglasses. I think unless you really know your face shape should try them on in person. They all fit a little differently. And, you will be able to tell which ones suite your face the best. And, which ones feel the best! Don't forget to post when you get them. GL
  14. Thank you, that's good to know that they're still available in US. I've seen the ones with the black bow but haven't seen the white bow ones for some time.Maybe I'm just looking in the wrong places!
  15. Thanks so much :biggrin: