Advice needed on ebay transaction

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  1. Some of you would have probably read that I just got a second chance offer yesterday to buy a Foresta MM on eBay at $99. *Sigh* :sad:I just got an email from the seller saying that it was a mistake as she did not know that was how the second chance offer works and she had actually asked for a price of $205.

    What should I do now? I really want the bag but there is no way am I going to pay for the asking price. It's just too exorbitantly high!! Could really do with some advice now.....:sad:
  2. mytokiluv~ depends onhow badly do you want the MM ??
  3. I want it badly but not enough to pay $205!!! And that is not including shipping back to Singapore yet...:crybaby:
  4. how much does a MM cost in SG huh? If its relatively still cheaper aft shipping....can consider since the placement's really quite good...have u already pay her via paypal?
  5. I can get MMs at about S$225 here. At that asking price + shipment, it would be more than S$130 (US$85) above what I pay for an MM in Singapore. That's a huge difference!...I have not made the payment yet coz I was waiting for her to quote the shipping cost.
  6. ahhh icic ..den perhaps you could counter offer with the highest price u are willing to pay for it?
  7. That's one option......:girlsigh:
  8. sure is a lot of money there. but if you really want it, go for it!!
  9. Do you still have the e-mail sent to you with the second chance offer of $99??

    I don't know, maybe I'm just jaded because I use e-bay so much, but I'd hold her to that initial e-mail because it was her mistake and not yours. You should contact e-bay and find out if you can hold her to that initial second chance offer. If e-bay says she can change the price, then I don't know and it's up to you.
  10. Are you absolutely sure that it was the ACTUAL seller emailing you? My only concern is there have been cases lately of scams where individuals pretending to be the seller make offers to non-winning bidders. I had it happen to one of the bidders on one of my auctions (non-Toki) a few months back and at least they emailed me back to verify the offer was coming from me, which it was not, so nothing bad happened to them. I reported the issue to eBay but they basically took no action.

    I don't know, maybe I'm too suspicious but the whole thing sounds sketchy. Even the offer for $99 sounds too good to be true on a foresta mm. I'd hate to have you find out later it was a scam, so just be careful.
  11. I agree. Check first to make sure it isn't a scam, the find out if you can hold her to the $99 price. Sounds like she might have read up on how much Foresta MMs are worth and is trying to jack it up too high.
  12. Yes, I still have that email from eBay for the second chance offer. I read in ebay that a situation like is a case of seller violating the non-performance policy and the buyer should report it. If I do, would things turn ugly, which is something I do not wish for.

    Had anyone encoutered similar problem with ebay sellers? Do share your experience and I would welcome any advice on how to best deal with this situation.
  13. Don't think it was scam by someone else. The second chance offer email came from ebay and the seller wrote an email to me about the "mistake".

    But I did find it odd that the second chance offer came to me when there were several other bidders who bid at higher prices. I was the lowest bidder.:confused1:
  14. sorry to hear that!! i was excited for you! hmm if there were higher bidders than you..then it sounds kinda fishy to me?? the only reason why im saying that is because usually the second chance goes to the second highest bidder...not the maybe you should double check with that seller again could be that seller is probably scamming everyone who bidded??? (I had an instance where I was the second chance bidder and the I paid for the item, yet the person below me and so on had paid as well was a real nasty scam...)

    *edit* i just looked at the auction and it should have been bidder#5 who is the second highest of $206.01--doesnt seem like there can be scammers emailing the bidders because its a private :shrugs: best bet question the seller on why he/she chose you?
  15. The other thing to remember is that a second chance offer in order to be binding has to come using the eBay second chance offer listing (meaning that you would be given a link to a "private" auction for the second chance). If it is simply the seller (or someone else) sending you a private message offering to sell it at $XX price, it's not binding and is technically in violation of eBay's rules (though I think we all break that rule from time to time--you just need to be able to trust who you're dealing with) and will not be covered by eBay's buyer protection policy.
    I just recommend being careful. Something just doesn't sound right with this...:shrugs: