Advice needed on eBay problem

  1. Hi all,

    I purchased a set of international DVDs for my father last year as a Christmas gift.. He has been out of the country and is finally getting a chance to sit down and watch them.. as he is watching, he is telling me that there are no subtitles and basically he cant understand whats happening.. since I purchased this last year, I think either November or December.. is it too late to do anything with eBay or paypal..

    I sent the seller a nice email explaining the situation hoping that they will help me. If not, are there any other options? TIA :heart:
  2. Did the seller advertise them as having subtitles? If so, you might have a case. If not, I'm not sure you do.
  3. I believe you only have 45 days to file a claim and 90 days to leave feedback. Hopefully your seller will be understanding, but other than that I think unfortunately you'll be out of luck.
  4. i agree, too much time has passed
  5. Yes, they are advertised as having subtitles...
  6. I understand, I sent him and email and he replied saying that he might be able to check and see if an exchange can be arranged. Hopefully all works out
  7. well, he seems like he's prepared to help out, good luck !
  8. Glad you have had what sounds like an open response from the seller because, as others have said, you are dependent on his goodwill. Hopefully, he is decent or at the very least believes in customer service/protecting his reputation as a trader and helps you out. Do let us know.