advice needed on choice between...

  1. Hi all! This is a wonderful place full of nice and knowledgeable people.
    I have been debating between two LV bags and would love to hear your thoughts on the pros and cons.
    The one is the Monogram Manhattan PM. I like it bc I think it is lovely esp the hardware and I only have one monogram canvas in my humble collection.
    I dislike the fact that it is basically hand held, but I can get over that.
    The second choice is the Monogram Mini Lin Bucket. I have never owned a bucket style and think it might be nice and easy to just throw everything inside. Also, for winter months, the darker color is nice. I don't generally buy black/dark bags, that's the only con, unless you all think of others.
    Any opinions are welcomed, and if you have pics of yourself carrying a bucket style, that would be helpful also!

  2. I love Mini Lin! Don´t really care for the Manhattan.
  3. I would go for the mini lin bucket. I love the color, especially now for fall. I've never been a huge fan of the manhattan and it looks like it'd be kind of heavy.
  4. this is an easy choice for me.
    Im definitely LOVING the Manhattan PM. definitely one of my favourites from the mono line. love it, cus it looks sooo chic.

    furthermore, im not really into the BUCKET thing.... its not working for me.
  5. i would DEFINITELY get the manhattan PM :love:
  6. i don't like the mini lin line so i would have to say the manhattan pm!
  7. I'm not a big fan of the bucket but I adore the Manhattan! Good luck!
  8. Thanks for all the input! I'll keep you posted. I'm thinking I may get the Mini Lin soon for winter, and then if I still have my eye on the Manhattan by spring, I can pick it up then. Of course, by then there will be many other bags on my wish list, I'm sure!;)
  9. I love the Manhattan. Although, I have a mono bucket, my vote goes to the Manhattan.
  10. manhattan
  11. Pros of bucket: shoulder bag, easy to get in and out of, more space for stuff
    Cons of Mini lin/bucket: mini lin is uncoated canvas, less structure, possibility of getting dirty, and also of developing pulls & runs in the fabric

    Pros of Manhattan: chic, stylish, roomy for a handheld.
    Cons of manhattan: price, handheld

    If you are looking towards a shoulder bag, have you given any thought to the Popincourt haut or the Batignolles Horizontal or Vertical?
  12. Thanks twiggers! I love the popincourt haut and have considered it, but I thought it looked kinda similar to my medium looping (both shoulder bags, both mid sized monogram canvas). It is still on my list, but I thought I'd try something very different first.
  13. Manhattan!!!
  14. i love the Manhattan PM. that's one of my favorite bags :love:!

    i'm not crazy about the Mini Lin :blah:
  15. Definitely the Manhattan PM!!... Not a fan of the bucket.