Advice needed on Caviar M/L flap, Jumbo or 226 reissue?

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  1. Hi everyone!

    My friend is going to London and she offered to help me get a Chanel bag there as it is much cheaper than where i stay... but i can't decide which size to go for.

    I only have a m/l lambskin red flap but i want another one with casual use (like shopping or travelling) so i am considering caviair/calf but what colour? which size? GHW/SHW? i know i can't go wrong with black...but is there another colour i should consider to command the TDF effect lol? i am around 5'4" and 110 pounds...TIA:smile:
  2. beige ;)
  3. ^^ thanks for ur reply!
    yes, i've seen beige with GHW.... :drool: hmm, what about the size ? Does it get dirty easily ? Will dark colour jeans rub its colour onto the bag??? Is it difficult to care for? TIA
  4. Hi, I would say that beige will get dirty in the end and you can get color transfer if you're not careful. If you're gonna have it for travel and casual everyday use, I would stick with black. A Jumbo sounds good for that. You might even go for a Maxi. If you're wanna have silver or gold depends on personal preference and what jewelry you use.

    It is another flap you want right?
  5. Hi Mediana

    Thanks for your advice!
    Yes another flap :P 2 flaps in a month is a little over for me, think i'll save the 3rd one next year!
  6. I would suggest black jumbo with shw for casual/travelling.
  7. stick to black jumbo
  8. Either black distressed calf reissue 226 w/shw, caviar m/l beige clair w/ghw, caviar jumbo beige clair w/ghw, or black caviar jumbo w/shw or ghw... hardware color depends on your jewerly and your liking...

    Maybe give your friend a pref in rank so she knows in case she can't find your first pref then she can get the second choice for you. HTH & GL! ;)