Advice needed on a Prada bag with defect!

  1. Advice needed on a Prada bag with defect!!
    Hi, I recently bought a Prada bag from Florence (Italty). I called up the shop, ordered the bag and have it shipped over to Singapore.

    After 2 weeks and less than 3 times usage the strap came off!:hysteric: Apparently one end of the strap was not properly stitched and glued! I immediately brought the bag down to the boutique for repair. After a week, ie. yesterday, the shop called me to collect the bag. I checked the part that came off making sure that it has been repaired properly and took the bag home. On the same night, I took out the bag to re-examine the repaired section and to my horror :cursing:realised that the strap has been stitched wrongly with the underside of the strap facing out. The shoulder strap is now twisted. This means that once again (2nd times in 3 weeks) I would need to have my bag sent back to the workshop to have the repaired section rectified!!

    In light of the above, do you think I can demand for a NEW bag? I paid Euros $829 for the bag...:sad:

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Call the Prada shop and explain this to them....they should replace it
  3. Definitely demand a new bag!!!!!! They should honor an exchange.
  4. you can go to a local prada store and show them the bag+receipt of your purchase. they should take care of it! i had the same problem once and couldn´t visit the store i ordered the bag from, so my local prada boutique took care of the problem!

    good luck!
  5. Many thanks to all for your advice!

    I will bring the bag to the local store as well as calling the store in Florence where I purchased the bag.