Advice needed on a Prada bag with defect!!

  1. Hi, I recently bought a Prada bag from Florence (Italty). I called up the shop, ordered the bag and have it shipped over to Singapore.

    After 2 weeks and less than 3 times usage the strap came off!:hysteric: Apparently one end of the strap was not properly stitched and glued! I immediately brought the bag down to the boutique for repair. After a week, ie. yesterday, the shop called me to collect the bag. I checked the part that came off making sure that it has been repaired properly and took the bag home. On the same night, I took out the bag to re-examine the repaired section and to my horror :cursing:realised that the strap has been stitched wrongly with the underside of the strap facing out. The shoulder strap is now twisted. This means that once again (2nd times in 3 weeks) I would need to have my bag sent back to the workshop to have the repaired section rectified!!

    If any of you have encountered similar incident as me, could you please provide some advise to me? Do you think I can demand for a NEW bag? I paid Euros $829 for the bag...:sad:

    Thanks in advance!
  2. You'd probably get the most help if posted in the Prada sub-forum
  3. Ok, i will do that.