Advice needed on a Paypal claim

  1. Hi everyone, a while ago I was scammed with a fake Chloe Paddington (if only I had discovered this site sooner!) and am claiming through Paypal. I have had to pay about £40.00 already to get a letter proving it is a fake and now Paypal are asking me to destroy the item and get a document proving it has been destroyed, which I am assuming will cost yet more money.

    I am worried as I know someone who wants to buy the bag even though it is a copy (but for much less than I paid) so if I destroy it and then my claim is unsuccessful I have lost the bag and my original money and cannot even let this other person have it!

    Anyone have any idea where on earth I am supposed to go to get a professional bag destroyer??!! Or anyone been in this situation with any advice?

    Thanks loads.
  2. Never heard of paypal asking a buyer to "destroy" anything! :wtf: That is a new one... Are you sure you spoke to the correct person? I would ask to speak to a supervisor and then get their name. Plus, if they could send you a letter (or email )stating what their procedure is, that would be even better so that you have something in writing and you know who the letter is from! Generally you would take the bag to a department store, or boutique to verify that it's fake, (there are some services that do this, can anyone help out here with some names??) and then you would send the bag back either to paypal or the seller. You need copies of everything, so save anything you get in writing. I think this is pretty much the routine. If the seller won't accept the bag back, then I think it goes back to paypal, and they will deal with them. BTW, just MHO, but I wouldn't sell a copy of anything to anyone...we're trying to get rid of fakes on this forum!
    Good luck...:smile:
  3. Hi

    I was sat here on the phone to someone about counterfeit handbags when your post was made.

    Are you in the UK? Assuming that by seeing the £40 you referred to.

    I have just spoken to an organisation Consumer Direct London, about a fake bag from a London address. Although I ended up at my local office, they have passed information onto the Trading Standards (TSA) people in both my area and the area where the bag was sent from.

    I asked the question about destroying the bag, in your case, they agree with everyone else, that is a really dodgy thing to do, as you have NO proof at all afterwards.

    If you are in the UK, I would seriously ring the number and speak to someone, if nothing else, it makes them aware of another scammer. LoTSA - London Trading Standards The phone number is on there, but its 08454 04 05 06.

    I honestly think that it is going to take something from an outside source to get auction sites to clean up their act.

    I will be reporting these Powersellers who keep changing names and relisting to a different source and see if it helps.
  4. hi ya,

    a while ago I bought a fake bag from a UK seller (my paypal is UK) and filed a claim:
    i called paypal 3 times - spoke to resolution centre. it is costly but worth it. so they told me to get the letter of authenticity. got that. then they told me to hold on to the bag until they told me what to do with it. as the seller never responded the claim was decided in my favour but the seller asked me to return it to refund before the end of it.

    i called paypal and asked them about that, they never told me to destroy it. (for me, i returned the bag and paid for the shipping, only to get it back to me bec the seller had given me a false address.... so I had to pay for the return shipping as well a fee.... and now it is sitting in my garage and I just don't know what to do with the bloody thing...ahahaha) but better than losing all my money.

    as for selling it someone else: that is actually illegal, especially since you know it is counterfeit. even if you tell the buyer, it is still an illegal action, just for info.

    if I were you, I would call paypal's resolution centre and talk to someone directly. you could even ask for a supervisor like someone else suggested. good luck.
  5. that's really dodgy. i've had that same problem but i've never been told nor hear of anyone else being told to destroy it and send proof of destruction. somethin is wrong here.

    i think you need to call paypal or try to email again and see if someone else can respond with a more sensible idea.
  6. Wow, thanks everyone, am going to get on the phone asap, cheers!
  7. Can't you tell them, you'll destroy the bag when you get your money back. You shouldn't have to destroy your evidence. File a chargeback with your CC.
  8. Did you manage to sort this out yet jenniferm1433? It is such an unusual request from Paypal that I am sure lots of us would be interested to hear what happens.
  9. Yes like Miss Sooky said - is there any updates
  10. Hi everyone, sorry I forgot to check my thread and update everyone. In the end it was completely not worth it. The authentication process and faxing forms ended up costing me so much money!

    Paypal (UK) gave me a tiny amount of money back, even though they say you are guaranteed for up to £500.00, so some scam artist out there has all my money and paypal don't care at all.

    I had to fill out loads of forms confirming I had destroyed the bag before they would consider giving me the money back. I guess it is make sure I don't try and sell it on, as of course it is illegal to sell fakes - so why don't they work with eBay better to stop the fakes being listed in the first place??

    Of course one of the vital forms didn't arrive in my inbox til approx. 1 hour before the claim ended! I had just got in from work and checked and ping there it was, only just sent. The I dashed around to my local library to fax it back, came home, checked inbox, form not done right, do another.... and so on and so on for the entire hour! I was exhausted and eventually they decided they were satisfied. It was only after that they said they could give me a small percent of my original cost back, and if the funds become available in the seller's account in future I will get the rest. Clearly that won't happen, as they will change all their dodgy accounts!

    So all in all, after verification, fax costs etc I ended up having back around £50.00, how pathetic is that when I paid nearly £400.00??!! ARRRGH!!
  11. So now I have to sell my gorgeous new Twiggy (my avitar) that I am so in love with and have never even carried (because I am too scared to hurt it!!) to recoup the loss, and eBay and paypal will sting me for huge fees all over again!
  12. sorry about that. I just wanted to say that probably your seller didn't have enough funds -[ bec the one time I had this problem they didn't care. I am still sitting on this bloody bag, wondering what to do with it - but bec they got the seller's funds, I got all my money back.

    is it possible that this is new seller - then you are only covered for the minimum eBay amount, also only if your transaction satisfies ebay's check list.

    again I am sorry you didn't get your money back. I hope in future you will only find authentic bags!
  13. Sorry to hear your horror story and that paypal was of no help. Did you by any chance pay with your credit card? If so then there may still be hope..
    Getting ripped off is the worst feeling and I can truly sympathize.
  14. Thanks guys, it just shows I should have really checked things out first. I hate it how people are allowed to list things as genuine/authentic, it really spoils it for true sellers.

    Westiegirl it went through straight from my bank account rather than a credit card account, and my bank do not offer any support - they say it is down to paypal. Grr. But it has taught me to always use a credit card now for big purchases - sadly it didn't even occur to me at the time as the 'shopping blindness' took over!!
  15. Aw, I am so sorry. I too learned the limits of Paypal protection the hard way and know how it stings. . . essentially it depends on the seller being the sort of honest person who keeps a reasonable Paypal balance as far as I can tell . . .it did prompt me to make a credit card rather than my bank account the primary source for my Paypal account though.