ADVICE NEEDED! Oak Bayswater - Please help.

May 7, 2007
Cat_UK is on holiday but I can answer for her - she has the regular sized one (as do most people). I don't think any of us have the large Bays (called the Piccadilly). The Large one is an overnight bag rather than a handbag.

There is (in order of size largest to smallest) the Piccadilly, Bayswater, E/W Bayswater and the Ledbury. You should be able to see these on the Photo Reference Thread.


Sep 16, 2006
Ali, don't forget that there's another size too - in between the Piccadilly and the Bayswater is the 'large bayswater' :tup: That's the size I was referring to earlier, which for me would also be big enough as a travel bag.
May 7, 2007
Oh is there - I didn't realise that I thought the Large Bayswater WAS the Piccadilly. Shows how much I still have to learn about Mulberry.

Ahh yes - I've just looked at the Mulberry website.

The Piccadilly is 34cm x 50cm x 22cm.

The Large Bayswater is 23cm x 45cm x 25cm (and is in the Luggage section with the Piccadilly).

The Bayswater is 26.5cm x 36cm x 165cm.
Sep 13, 2007
The prairies of the Midwest
Thanks so much Ali and Alycat! I wondered about the "Large" Bayswater as I hadn't seen it on any of the Web sites. But I do think the Regular would be the right size for me. Thanks! Now back to my saving....