Advice needed: navy patent medium or black caviar jumbo

  1. hi everyone,

    I live in the Philippines and there is no Chanel boutique here.

    That said, I have the chance to buy from a reseller this lovely navy blue patent mdeium size ( i think reissue ) based on the chanel reference library for USD 2560 in local peos equivalent.

    On the other hand, correct me if Im wrong, this price is near enough for me to buy a Caviar Jumbo Black USD 2800? or so in the USA? Do I have my numbers right?

    Am going to the Sates in March and I have already planned to buy the black jumbo caviar then, if available.

    I am drawn to the midnight blue color but without having the jumbo in front of me for real, Im thinking that its wiser to hold out for a jumbo.

    What do you think??


  2. I would get the jumbo in black, although Navy appeals to me more
  3. Black jumbo for me too....unless u can find a navy patent jumbo...if not stick to black caviar jumbo
  4. great! Thanks and Happy New Year to all!!
  5. The navy patent appeals to me like none other (awww I really want one, I really really want one!!) but the black caviar sounds like a better deal and seems to be more functional/versatile.
  6. if price is also part out your consideration, I'd go w/Navy Patent first. The resell value is higher than Caviar bags and it much more difficult to get than always in stock Caviar Jumbo. I wouldn't be so firm for the Jumbo price when you come to US in March; Chanel is known for it's insane price increase in 2007.