ADVICE NEEDED!! Mail Fraud scam by buyer

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  1. I have been a *bay/Paypal customer for several years and have never had any problems until now. I recently sold a bag on *bay. I purchased signature delivery confirmation and only partial insurance (please don’t dwell on this. I know this was STUPID and I haven’t stopped beating myself up over it :cursing:). So please let’s continue. It gets much worse.

    The mail carrier did NOT scan the signature delivery confirmation slip but scanned the insurance only. Item was signed for by her neighbor – I do not know her neighbor’s name but I am assuming it was her since the address written on the insurance slip was the neighbor's address. Well guess what… the Buyer filed an INR claim against me saying she did not get the item since she did obviously did not sign for it. I am frantic at this point.

    I immediately contacted the USPS postmaster at her state and told her the situation. Buyer lives in a small town and postmaster recognized her address right away since I guess she receives a lot of packages. The postmaster immediately began to tell me that this person has made other false claims where she says she never received an item but the mail carrier clearly remembers her getting them. I passed this information along to the buyer who of course denies it and blames it on the post office. She told me that the postmaster told her that the mail carrier was being investigated. Buyer also tells me that crime has gone up where she lives and that the post office is too small to handle the growth in her city. She says that she gets packages left at her doorstep and sometimes she gets packages that are not even addressed to her. She told me she has filed a chargeback with her cc and I should just file an insurance claim with USPS.

    This has been going on for weeks and I have contacted the postmaster at her state several times inquiring about the package. The postmaster told me the mail carrier was not being investigated like the buyer said. She told me that they had already checked with the neighbor who says she did not receive the package. I am not sure if the buyer, neighbor and maybe the mail carrier are all involved but I have a gut feeling that I got scammed.

    To make matters worse, I just got an email from PayPal notifying me that the claim was closed in the buyer’s favor :wtf: !! Now they have limited my access to the account and are requesting that I pay the outstanding balance. What should I do now?? Do I have any other options? I don’t want this to affect my credit. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    I would call the postmaster back and ask them to file an INS claim. You bought ins, the delivery person did NOT scan for sig confirmation when delivered, therefore the package is MISSING/LOST. Throw a FIT... nicely.
    If USPS did not scan for confirmation when they delivered this package, then IMO, they screwed up, and they need to pay for lost package. TRY THIS, although w/ only partial ins, don't know how much you can recover.
    And you can inquire of this postmaster as to filing mail fraud charges, which THEY should do is they truly suspect same.

    Otherwise, you are faced w/ calling PP and filing an APPEAL, which you can do, explaining about the USPS delivery scan screw-up, AND that the postmaster thinks this buyers has filed false claims prior... etc. But this may be alot harder to prove.

    You CAN file an appeal w/ PP in the meantime, explain the WHOLE situation, but rarely do they reverse a decision. However may buy you some time, and maybe they could tell you what you would have to do to disprove the buyer...??

    It's a MESS, hon, SO SORRY!
  3. I would file an insurance claim and also I would tell the buyer what the po said and tell her you are contacting the police in her area. If insurance was scanned then the post office has a record of her signing for it. They have to get a signature for insurance. Call them and see if you can get a copy mailed and give it to her police dept and paypal.