advice needed Lindy 30 or 34?

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  1. I am 5'6'', quite slim around 105 pound.
    Which size do you think will be better for me?
    I have tried both of them on, but undecided. Really need your advice at the moment :smile:
  2. i am similar build and think the size 30 is perfect for me. i think 30 will look great on you too unless you like the look of bigger bags..the base of the 34 is too bulky i find. here is how the 30 looks on me. hth and good luck choosing!


  3. nice pictures!:smile::smile::smile::smile::smile:
  4. anyone please help :)I am trapped in this delima at the moment.
  5. I'm 5'4 103 lbs. I'm not at home right now but I like the 30 too. :smile:
  6. Looking great! What CW is your kimono shawl?
  7. I'm 5'4" and slim built, the biggest Lindy I would carry is a 30. I find the 34 is too wide to be carried comfortably. The 26 suits me best by proportion though.
  8. Sorry to be OT Op.
    Chincac, love your jeans. May I ask where did you grt them from please? :smile:
  9. 30 may be the best fit for everyday in your fav color^

    and 34 - a cute crossbody quirky fun no cares in the world bcos ur so slim that you can get away it look...

    'Which one to get first?' ........ is my question :P
  10. I am 5'7" and wear a 30 Lindy. I would vote for a 30 for you. A 30 carries a lot.....
  11. OMG!!! I love that bubblegum pink Lindy on you!!!! You look totally gorgeous!! I wish I could own one too!! But sigh I've been told that this colour is retired:sad: sob sob!!
  12. I am the same height, but a good 20+ lbs heavier. I prefer the 30 (which would be why I have five of them). The 34 is a bit duffle-bag-ish on me. However, I do generally prefer a smaller bag than is popular now.

    And this is reminding me that I must start carrying my pink!
  13. PINKLICIOUS - just a suggestion. if you don't mind either size, then why don't you pick on the basis of colours and leathers? or whichever comes to you first? :smile::smile:

    thank you KRZ..i think it is 6 from memory!

    thank you. the jeans are from Gap a few seasons back :smile:

    thank you Champers21 H do resurrect colours now and again so i hope you get one then..:hugs:
  14. Thank you Chincac. Well, they will look nicer on you than on me anyway. :biggrin: