ADVICE NEEDED: I am torn between the...

  1. Hey ladies. I need some advice. I recently bought the black GST with silver hardware
    and it looks amazing but I find it a little uncomfortable on long outings. It just doesn't sit comfortably. But again it looks amazing. I had been admiring this bag for so long so getting it was a dream come true. I am torn now between returning it because of it being hard to carry an a little heavy (I am 5'2" and 100 PDS) and between getting a jumbo flap.
    Whatever bag I get has to be black caviar leather with silver hardware and something I can wear forever. The only thing about about the flap is it's conservative and I am a trendy girl. Or am I wrong. I do admire it on others but the GST has the wow factor.
    What to do. I can only afford one chanel so what shall it be????Please help???


  2. modeling pics will help...
  3. I'm the same size as you and actually bought the GST and returned it b/c it felt too big for me and one of the straps kept falling off as I tried it on. I bought the jumbo and love it! It just seems to fit me better. If you want something a bit trendier, you could always get a metallic reissue in a 227 size.
  4. I vote for the jumbo classic all the way! It is so much more comfortable than the GST IMO and I feel it's still trendy in a classic sorta way. You just can't go wrong with a jumbo.
  5. yupe... me too.. vote for jumbo classic!
  6. Here is the modeling pic:
  7. I now have a modeling pic but have no idea haw to upload it
  8. I would love to see it on on the paperclip and then browse for your photo.
  9. I think the jumbo might fit the bill better.
  10. I love the jumbo classic. I also like the medallion- I'm pretty small and feel it balances a petite person's proportions really well and is gorgeous (big wow factor in my book)! It's not as comfy on my shoulder as the flap, but I think it's timeless while still having a tad of a trendy feel to it.
  11. Help: Where is the paper clip attachment on this thing?????
  12. I find the jumbo a very fashionable choice..
  13. I understand wat u mean abt the handles as i own a GST too, it keeps falling off my shlder too. But if u can only choose one chanel, then the choice will be a classic caviar jumbo flap w silver HW which will not go out of style/fashion. However, reissue is definitely more trendy than classic jumbo but i will not go for metallic since the leather will fade as time goes by. BUt if u are not keen abt the MM lock then classic flap will be ur choice.
  14. I'm going to agree w/ everyone and advocate the Jumbo Flap! Stylish and versatile... also very practical -and a classic that you'll love for many years!
  15. Lisa, click on go advanced when you type your reply to load the pic and you will see the paper clip attachment next to the letter A in the toolbar. From there, you can browse your desktop for your photo and upload it into the reply. If the photo is too large you'll get an error message and will have to resize it.

    To resize, I go to and browse for my photo there, then click on the upload button to upload it. When the picture comes up, click on it to enlarge it, then right click the photo and choose the copy button. From there, you can paste the photo into your reply.