Advice Needed: GST or Timeless CC Tote

Jan 27, 2009
Hi Ladies, i need help in deciding for my next Chanel bag. i've recently tried the GST & it looks great but i had a common prob that some of you girls are facing. It the prob of the straps falling off. As for the timeless cc tote, i've not tried it in store but from the pic, seems like its much softer & if i do not have much stuff to put, the tote might slouch in the center.

Hence need all yr expert advise pls.. thks much :smile:


Sep 5, 2011
I was going to get the Large GST in lipstick red, but they were all sold out. My Neiman Marcus associate was able to locate the timeless cc expandable tote in the same color instead, and I can't wait for it to arrive. I like the fact that fits closer to the body and can be zipped at the bottom if not much space is needed. I own the timeless accordion bag, and I have to say this line is definitely softer and less structured (considered a "Fashion" bag- as compared to the "classics"). I have the Jumbo classic too, but I prefer to use the accordion when I'm traveling or running a lot of errands because the corners are not so stiff that I'm afraid I will scuff them. I think you will enjoy the timeless.