Advice Needed..Got Offered my Dream Bag, but...

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  1. Hi guys, I'm hoping for some advice. My SA wrote to me yesterday about a super big wishlist item. She gave me the specks of the bag and asked if I would be interested. From the sound of it, I don't think the the bag is in the store yet....but rather it will be coming and she wanted to give me the first chance to buy it.

    This is a holy grail bag for me, so I of course said yes. However, I didn't hear back until later last night. She let me know that she has to go out on disability ASAP and gave my contact info to another SA. It sounds likely that she won't be returning for quite a while.

    I feel really awful for her and I feel so callous for asking, but what do you guys recommend? I don't know what happens in this type of situation. Will the new SA honor the offer while my SA is away? :confused1:

    Would it be best to call? Or do you think I should forward the emails discussing the bag?

    I'm not able to make it in to the store often (if at all due to health issues), otherwise I would stop by, introduce myself and bring it up with the new SA.....I think I'm making this harder than it needs to be because I want to handle this delicately. :sad:

    I thank you for any advice you can offer :smile:
  2. Be direct honest
    Let this present sa knows what your previous sa offered you
    You're not lying
    Dont be afraid
    In another way you can access this new sa response to see if you want further connection with
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  3. It sounds as if your SA has already passed you along to another SA who she feels will take good care of you. Make an appointment to go see her and introduce yourself.
    No worries and good luck!!
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  4. Great advice by TGG!
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  5. Thank you for the pep talk! Its funny bc I'm usually pretty upfront and direct as you mentioned.... I think my issue is I'm just feeling so bad for my SA and kinda feel like a jerk for thinking "But, what about my bag?" KWIM? I will take your advice and just tell the new SA what we were discussing :smile:

    Your very right about that! She did tell the new SA all about my buying patterns, so I think she set me up well! As far as introducing myself, I'm not sure if a phone convo or email would be better. Like I said earlier, I'm not able to go in to meet her (which is what I would do under normal circumstances) due to some current health issues. :sad:
  6. Make a phone call to introduce yourself to the new SA. Let them know that your old SA advised you they would be taking over and you wanted to say hello and follow up on the bag you had been offered.
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