[Advice Needed] Good bag to bring traveling

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  1. I'm going to be going away for a short trip and I'm not sure which purse to bring with me. I need to choose from the following:

    • LV DA Speedy 30
    • Cambridge Satchel 11"
    • Medium Lady Dior, in lambskin
    I usually don't carry a lot with me when sightseeing, especially when I wouldn't be bringing along any guidebooks or such. I'm leaning towards the CS but the buckles make the bag a pain to get in and out of. I'm also thinking the Dior may be too delicate and too extravagant (there isn't a Dior boutique near where I'm going) and the Speedy is probably too big.

    What do you guys think? And what purses do you guys typically travel with?
  2. I carry a non-leather pacsafe bag, overseas travel.
    Domestic, the campomaggi leather messenger--which replaced my cambridge 11" satchel.
    Because I found it both too small & annoying.

    My trips are not glamorous fashion parades.
    I journey as a grubby monkey.
    But with quality shoes.
  3. What type of sightseeing are you doing? Where are you going? How long are you sightseeing? 1-2 hrs or all day? If you are walking for hours and in crowded places, then it's better to bring along a lightweight cross body bag with secure closure.

    I have a several cross body bags (leather & nylon) that I use when traveling. Depending on the destinations/activities, I will bring one cross body along with one other bag.
  4. +1 for the pacsafe, however, out of your choices I would go with CS. It is hands free, durable and the buckles act as a bit of extra security IMO.
  5. I also love a durable nylon shoulder/crossbody bag for travel. My favorites are Longchamp Le Pliage, Mulberry Flight and Kipling. I accept that for travel, it's best to carry something light, comfy, roomy and uninteresting. It may well result in unpleasant service in high end boutiques (yes, Boutique Finest I am talking abot you) but that's a small price to pay for anonymity and safety.

    Of the list supplied, I think the CS makes most sense; the buckles make it hard for thieves to get in, and the brand doesn't scream "RICH PERSON WALKING!!" which LV and Dior do.
  6. + 1 I'm very much a fade into the background type when travelling. Depending on where you're going you might also need to consider dirt, spills and potential for damage.
  7. With me, dirt, spills and potential for damage is always a thing to consider :roflmfao:
    I think almost all of my bags have those bases covered, but I'm more worried about being a viable target than having a snotty SA look down on me.
  8. I always travel with a nylon fabric bags mainly because we do a lot go walking and nylon is just lighter. Also, I never travel with leather bags especially to warm climates, the humidity and hand sweat will leave stains. My favorites are the Tumi Voyageur Crossbody for walking around and a Longchamp Le Pliage as a carryon.
  9. Henri Bendel Jetsetter backpack is also a great option. It can convert from a backpack to a cross body to a shoulder bag. It is made of nylon with leather trim so it is lightweight but durable.
  10. For sight-seeing, I leave my expensive designer bags at home and just use a cheap backpack or a lightweight crossbody bag. That way I will never have to worry about it getting dirty or damaged. When I was at hawaii, I used a Brandy Melville backpack on a bus tour and it was totally worth it. The bag was super light and very comfortable. I had some designer bags but I only used them for going shopping and dinner.

    Out of the bags in your list, bring the Cambridge. Definitely leave the designer bags at home.
  11. I love my Chanel WOC for travel when I don't need to carry much. It's hands-free, fits all my essentials, feels secure, and is appropriate for fine dining or special occasions.
  12. i definitely bring my longchamp le pilage when i travel - long-haul/weekend/girls night/whatever

    for sightseeing i like a wide strap cross body - something like evelyn from hermes or micro monster bag from fendi (i know they are completely different in terms of size lol)

    a nicer leather bag - work horse birkin 35 or a rejane from moynat for dresser trips
  13. I travel with ebags brand nylon crossbodies, worry free, change colours frequently and wash it in a washer with no problem. I like tumi but they have leather straps and can not go to a washer... I travel with one tiny platinum ring too and a plastic watch. Everything expensive stays at home.
    Out of your list I would pick lv, saw many women travelling with lv purses. Must be comfortable.
  14. I'm so glad I'm not the only one. My favorite travel bag is by Melie Bianco. I think I got it at DSW, and it's black and two shades of brown, so it goes with everything, and it can be top handle or shoulder strap or crossbody. It is by no means a luxury bag, but it's versatile, lightweight and can hold a lot.

    I didn't even realize how much I appreciated not worrying about my bag until I decided to being a special evening bag for a weekend trip. I brought my Petit Malle, and I just spent so much energy worrying about it (making sure it stayed in my carry-on luggage and not checked baggage, wrapping it in a sweater in my suitcase to make sure it had extra protection, wrapping it up again each night in the hotel room because there wasn't a good place to leave it out, etc). I vowed never again.
  15. another vote for a nylon bag, really any brand. i leave the luxury goods at home when i travel and maybe just take a small luxury SLG/clutch instead. nylon is very lightweight, easy to clean, and can withstand any unexpected weather, like rain. i have used various brands and my go-to nylon travel crossbody right now is a Kipling, some no-name brand from a local department store.