ADVICE NEEDED- Going to LV in few hours!

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  1. Hi Everyone!

    I'm going to the store to pick up a Speedy 30 in DA before the price increase in a few hours! :yahoo:

    I've been planning to also get the Josephine wallet, but now I'm thinking I should get a mini pochette in DA and a cles in DA. What do you think?

    I have a mini pochette in DE that I legit use every day, but am thinking I could use a DA one instead of a Josephine ... I'm so torn!

    Any advice is greatly appreciated!!!
  2. Get the wallet!! I think you will find it more useful..
  3. Wallet! I adore my Josephine :smile: I have a DE mini and was also contemplating in in DA but didn't like it as much
  4. I would get the wallet!
  5. WALLET HANDS DOWN!!!! You're going to enjoy the variety!!!
  6. I vote wallet
  7. Wallet! You need a wallet!
  8. Wallet! I love my Josephine. She goes everywhere w/ me
  9. Wallet now. Other items later.
  10. Definitely the wallet. You already have a mini pochette plus the wallet costs more, so it makes more sense to buy that first because of the price increases. Good luck and have fun at the store! Mine is really far away so I never get to go! :smile:
  11. Agree with everyone here, definitely go with the wallet!
  12. I would get the Josephine, lovely wallet!
  13. Like others have said, go for the wallet, you won't regret it! Plus a wallet you will use everyday! If you have two pochettes, you will use them each half as much. ;)
  14. def the wallet as u already have a mini pochette

  15. +1