Advice needed from you LV gurus...!

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  1. Hi, first of all I am a balenciaga girl so pretty lost in the ebay jungle of fake LV's.
    But I really need to get a new wallet trésor int. or even better zippy organizer.
    They cost about 325 and 410 euros over here in the LV store.
    Do you think guys that it's worth hunting one down on ebay or will the real ones eventually end up nearly the same price?
    And is there smth like a list of trusted LV sellers (couldn't find one in the sub).

    Thanks for your help so that I stop asking redicioulous :shame: questions in the auth. thread.
  2. I'd say get a new one.....
  3. i'll say get a new one!
  4. imo...for wallets its better to get a new one...bags preowned are ok :smile:
  5. Buy a new one
  6. Get a new's one thing to get a pre-owned bag, but wallets you should definately buy NEW!
  7. I am thinking of getting one also - maybe the zippy or porte tresor. I need this larger size. I am attracted to the vernis but really am interested in getting something that will last me a long time. It seems I am buying a wallet every 2 years. Do you have any suggestions?
  8. i just love it when someone says "I need this.."

    go ahead a get a new one! i really don't think wallets should be bought 2nd hand!
  9. Thanks everybody for helping me to make up my mind.
    I will get a new one...zippy organizer here I come!
  10. yay! Love the zippys!
  11. could get a new groom zippy organizer!!!!!!!
  12. Yah!:yes: It's always nice to get new LV accessories!:yahoo: :wlae: :flowers:
  13. new :smile:
  14. I see you have decided on getting a brand new one from LV. Very good, I was going to suggest the same thing.