Advice needed from Portobello owners

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  1. Hi all. I bought a Portobello GM last summer because I love the slouchy style and thought it would be a great low maintenance bag. I found myself not really loving it after carrying it for a few weeks. The strap was stiff and didn't have the beautiful slouch like my Delightful GM. Since then I have had it stuffed and stored in the dustbag waiting for a good time to sell it. Well now the midsouth is getting hammered with sleet, ice, and freezing rain so Mono Speedy B got put away last night and Portobello GM came out. It really is a gorgeous bag that deserves a second look from me. :smile: My question to you owners is does the strap and canvas soften up with time? Is there a break in period? If so is there anything you can recommend to help it along? I don't want to make a costly mistake and end up selling a bag that actually totally works for me. Thank you in advance.

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  2. I bought this bag when it first came out and carried it daily for 4 months. The strap did not soften in that time. When winter ended and I carried the bag with light clothes and bare shoulders, it killed me! I sold it to my BFF. She carries it during the winter only when she's wearing a coat or the extra padding of a sweater. It works for her and she finds the bag lovely, but not super comfy.

  3. Nope mine didn't soften up. I hate this bag & don't use it much.
  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Portobello!!! I agree it needs a break in period. It took me just a few weeks for it to become extremely comfortable.. I have been using my Portobello 90% of the time since Nov.
    I really hope you give it a chance it's a great bag!!
  5. I've had my portobello pm just over a year, it takes awhile to break in but no it doesn't ever become soft. I don't find it uncomfortable though. I carry it the most of all bags in winter. Maybe a GM is heavier because holds more so it is more heavy. I have a chanel GST that just sits because I don't find comfortable so I understand your situation. I've used 3-4x in a year and I keep thinking I will like it more. You could try using it this winter more and if still not for you then let it go.
  6. it softens but I found that de takes a little longer than the mono
  7. Thank you all for your opinions! With this awful winter weather I am going to give Portobello a second chance. :smile: I did intend to use her mostly as a winter bag and for spring rains, but didn't find her comfortable when I was carrying her last summer. I'm going to see if it does break in some more, because in my eyes she is a gorgeous bag and definitely has a place in my collection.
  8. It softens some but never like the Delightful. I love mine when it is snowing or raining and I do not want to use my Delightful but it is not as comfy at all. I hope this helps.
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    That definitely helps! With this past week of weather I am realizing I need a workhorse bag that I don't have to worry about getting wet. I'm realizing nothing is going to be as comfortable as I find Delightful or Galliera. Thanks! :smile:
  10. I got my portobello when it was first released and my canvas has always been soft and slouchy. As for the handle it is still stiff and don't think it's going to break in much but I love the portobello so I'm keeping it.
  11. I found that the portobello is not comfortable to wear and the zipper doesn't close completely without both hands working it. That being said, I LVOE my portobello because it's such a gorgeous classy bag, and has the extra bling with the brass and micofiber lining. It's a keeper for me, and of course is totally weather protected. Some tops I wear doesn't allow it to stay on my shoulder, but others hold it like velcro. Give it another try ~ The prettiest DE bag out there, IMO.
  12. Thanks ladies for your opinions! I agree it's the prettiest DE bag :smile: