Advice Needed From Orlando Residents!

  1. Hi, I'm going to Orlando for the first time this Dec 1 to 17 with my family. Need advice from Orlando residents on the followings:

    1. Best places to buy large size clothings
    2. Best places to buy leather boots and handbags
    3. Best places to buy American branded handbags
    4. What's the appropriate attire for the weather between Dec 1 to 18?
    5. Best places to buy local made products

  2. Hi there- I see you've gotten some responses on other related threads, so I'll try not to duplicate.

    As to larger size clothing, I am not sure what size range you are looking for... But, the outlet mall off International Drive has TONS of stores and I think there are some big and tall stores for men and some plus size stores, in addition to other stores that carry XL and up. Most seem to carry larger sizes anyway.

    For leather boots and bags, the outlets again, there is Coach, Burberry (I think), Fossil, Wilson's Leather, Off Fifth- Saks outlet, Neiman Marcus Last Call, and plenty of shoe stores. There is also the Millenia Mall, the Florida Mall... Plus, you'll see lots of shops around the Disney area on Hwy 192. You can look at this site for ideas-

    For weather, it could be anywhere from 50-70's fahrenheit. I'd check the weather a few days before and get an idea. Bring clothes you can layer- like t-shirts, sweaters, cardigans, light jackets, etc.

    For locally made products, I am not quite sure what you are wanting to buy. Do you mean locally grown foods or handmade clothes, etc. If you are talking foods, there are tons of places that have fresh citrus, juices and honey.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Thanks!:smile: