Advice Needed from Long Haired Cat Owners

  1. So my 11 month Persian kitty needs a haircut. Badly. I try to brush his long hair everyday but he never lets me brush his underbelly. Well, I went away for 1 week and when I came back some of his hair got matted on his underbelly. Still he won't let me brush it. Weeks go by and now he is a big knotted mess! :wtf:

    I know he won't let me come near him with cutters so I hired a groomer to come to my house to shave his hair. Here is my question. My kitty is scared to death of baths. When I bathe him it is very traumatizing for him AND for me! I have to wear one of those Missy Elliot ski winter coats (I live in FL!), gloves and a hat because kitty always tries to escape..and in doing so he claws. Afterwards he shivers and shakes so we wrap him up in a warm towel and he literally needs to be babied for 1 hour. Literally. We hold him like a baby in our arms and coo him to calm him down. I can't even imagine how bad it will be with an electric shaver! :sad:

    What I am afraid of is that his experience with the groomer, bath and shaver is going to be very traumatic for him. Is there any advice, experience or tips other owners have to share with me? Should I help the groomer control kitty or would it be harder if I got in the way? How do long haired cat owners handle their knotted kitties?
  2. I have a long-haired cat, but her fur never got matted. I think you really have no choice but to get the groomer to fix your kitty's fur. Your kitty will feel much better without all of that matted fur. Also, I highly recommend to just let the groomer do their job, and stay out of the way, or else your kitty will think you are doing all of this, and it won't make them very happy with you. My vet told me that. Also, my cat HATES getting her fur brushed, she'll bite, growl, claw, etc., just b/c she hates it so much, but I know it's so important to her health that I force myself to do it to avoid any health problems or pain for her(hairballs, intestinal blockage, etc.) Since I know it's going to be hard(they always say never fight with your cat, he'll ALWAYS win), I usually wrap my arm up in a towel, then it won't hurt as much. One last thing, since it is really hard for your cat to get groomed, treat him to a shopping spree at the pet store. Always makes my kitty happy.
  3. I think having a professional groomer come to your house is the best thing you can do for your kitty. I too have a long-haired cat who hates being bathed and combed, but will happily ride in the car, so I take him to the groomers every three months. But if he were frightened of the ride I would have someone come to my house, like you are doing.

    Professional groomers have probably seen all types of cat personalities and will know just how to help your scared little one. My cat doesn't mind the groomer at all.....its just my technique that flips him out. Hope you have the same good experience that I have had.
  4. My cat just rolls over and lets me do whatever I want to her. She just loves any type of attention so I 've never had this problem. Have you considered giving your kitty some gravol or a travel tab to try to relax her a bit. Ask your vet how much you can give her depending on her weight. And I agree with purplekitty22, just stay out of the way and let the groomer do their job. When they are done you can be her hero and give her lots of loving. Good luck!