Advice Needed From Chloe Experts

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  1. I'm a bbag girl and a chloe novice. I just saw a black silverado with silver hardware in a consignment shop.
    Unfortunately I don't have pics. It was $1000 US. The leather seemed quite soft. I think it was at least a few years old but in great condition. Is this a very common bag or is it worth collecting?
    Where can I learn what to look for to authenticate Chloe's?

    Thanks Ladies.
  2. Hi,

    Pictures would help determine the condition as to whether or not you're getting a deal or getting ripped off. I have a python silverado and I bought that for about 1300 which is 1/2 of what it costs... plus it's a rare color and mines is in excellent condition. Neiman Marcus is currently selling silverados for $1,200 USD (MINT condition) but they don't have black.. only tan and ivory. They might have black in the stores, i don't know.

    I read the 'authenticate this' thread in the chloe forum to learn what to look for in a fake. It's been very helpful to me. I love it!!!

    Hope this helps you out :flowers:
  3. I think for $200 more it is safer to buy it in the department store. Online you may not find black but in person I think you will. It's not worth it for 1k in my opinion.
  4. we have to have pics. Try and get some and post them in the Authenticate This! sticky at the top of this Forum.