Advice needed from all you Experts out there please!

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  1. I am choosing between a MC Key & Change holder or the Damier Trunks & Bags Key & Change holder (which I think is slightly bigger)..

    I will be using it to carry approximately 8-10 credit cards and occasionally some cash.. but most of the time just credit cards, that is all... of course it would be a bonus if the Damier Trunks .. can carry a cell phone too?

    I am not buying a full size wallet this time ( I have the 6 bill slot men's wallet but hardly use it at all) because I want some thing compact and thin.. because most of the time, I use small hangbag like the pochette accesories .. and I need something compact which can easily slip into my jeans back pocket when I go clubbing..

    Can the Trunks & Bags Key Holder carry a small cellphone too? I have a small and thin cell phone.

    I would really appreciate some guidance here.. I am going nuts thinking about this night & day:wacko:..thanks !
  2. i think the trunks and bags will do the trick. can't say @ the cell though. i would need to see it. the porte monnaie is another choice for small and compact that holds more than you think. hope it all works out
  3. Do you mean the poche cles? In Multi it doesn't hold much, very unlikely to fit hold 8-10 cards plus cash. Trunks and Bags, yes. But not a cell phone, I think. Ideally, get to a boutique and try things out.
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    I really don't think the T&B one is that much bigger, opens up more than the MC but prob won't zip up with the cell in there...

    I have an MC cles and it'll easily fit 10 cards and folded notes ( I just tried lol) and I think its perfect for taking on a night out.. the T&B is more casual looking! Since your cell is small and thin why not just take it seperately?

    Hope that helps.. good luck!
  5. Damier Trunks and Bags looks bigger and it should hold all your things perfectly!
  6. Go for the damier.

    I am very unhappy with MC SLG's now. Here is my white MC koala after 1 1/2 years


  7. Isn't the new MC cles the same size as the others now? I thought all of the cles' were the larger size now.
  8. Oh Beljwl,
    Your poor chipped MC! This has always been my concern with the MC slg; do you think the damier trunk & bags logo will hold up better?
  9. Thanks for all the input so far !!!

    Really helpful to me.. not so confused now.. thanks a million to bejwl for posting the pics of her multicolor .. you answered my other question on multicolor fading faster than the regular I see it in pics.. I dont know how I am going to survive without my fellow TPF 'experts' ..
  10. Lisalovesshoes

    Thanks for trying on the cards in the cles for me.. I appreciate it. when I was in the store one time, the SA wont let me try .. for fear of stretching the materials of the cles..
  11. definitely DO NOT get the MC.... like beljwl has shown us... MC chips over time..... so definitely not worth it. :/ damier is definitely better!
  12. I vote for the Damier T&B cles .. I use my mono one all the time
    it is a great size and can hold a fair amount:smile:
  13. Damier T&B!
  14. I love the damier T&B!
  15. possible warning. Since the Trunks and bag logo is silkscreened on it MIGHT also chip off over time.

    My favorite line is Vernis. Love the colors and it is super durable. I have had a vernis cles for about 2 years now. It has been inside my bag since the day I bought it and it still looks as good as the day I bought it. I love vernis now so much I just bought a rose pop ZCP to replace my white mc wallet that looks terrible about a little over a year.