Advice needed from all "Parisiennes" carrying Chanel

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  1. I will be going on vacation to Paris next month and I really want to take my new Chanel Maxi with me.
    But I have concerns regarding safety. Do you ladies carry your Chanels everyday, in public transportation (metro)? If you're sitting outdoors do you hang your bag on your chair or do you keep it on your lap? Do you get looks from other people if you're carrying Chanel? Will I be prone to getting my handbag snatched because it's a flashy brand? Should I just take an LV bag instead since it's less valuable?
  2. Did you mean to say 'less delicate' as opposed to 'less valuable'?
  3. No I meant they don't cost as much and are easier to replace since their prices don't keep going up.
    Don't get me wrong I love my LV bags but if my Speedy or Neverfull were stolen I can go to the nearest LV boutique and replace them, but if one of my Chanels got stolen it will not be as easy to replace it seeing how expensive they keep getting.
  4. I would advise you to keep your Chanel at home. I've had some bad experiences as a tourist there - brought my jumbo on the metro and almost got pickpocketed were it not for the fact that the metro doors closed and trapped the cheeky little thieves who'd managed to open my bag. Chanel is too flashy on a tourist in my opinion and definitely makes you more of a target than someone who blends in with a Longchamps Le Pliage. I know what you mean about LV being less valuable - it's easily replaceable and not as prestigious a brand as Chanel, in France the perception is that you carry Chanel only if you're especially rich (and thus draws more attention to you).
  5. Good advice from eggpudding. And also the flaps are very delicate, might even get squashed on the plane ride.
  6. Hello,

    I am parisian and I wear my flaps all the time, In the metro, the bus ect...
    I think it will depend on whether you look like the typical tourist who's got some money or if you can blend with the parisian population. I don't know if I am clear.
    Also of course it will depends on which arrondissements you're planning to visit.

    If you are not comfortable wearing it don't bring it to Paris, you can also take with you a pliage bag from Longchamp and put your flap inside when you take the metro.
  7. I agree. I live in Paris and carry my Chanels not all the time but quite often and nothing has ever happened to me. I can take the metro with my flap, my necklace if I wear one and my CC shoes and yes I get noticed but that's all. Yes you will get attention because french girls don't carry Chanel so much here when you do, either people think it's a fake or they think you've got money. We mainly see Chanels on tourists actually, lol. There has always been pickpockets in the metro and I guess there will always have. No matter which brand you carry. So if you don't feel comfortable carrying your Chanel here, just don't. Or bring a small flap to go out at night for instance and something "less valuable" as you said for daytime;) Honestly, if ou carry a LV, you won't get noticed that much here because there are so many fakes around that this brand has become really "common" (unless you carry a super limited edition bling bling piece, lol). Too bad but so true. Hope this helps and enjoy your stay here :smile:
  8. I don't live in Paris but I recently got back from a long vacation there and carried my Chanel (and other brands too) all over, no problems :smile: Being from NY though to me it's always been like second nature to keep my bag tight under my arm or in front of me if it's a crook of the arm type Boston bag or something
  9. I've been to Paris numerous times, and I'm doing there next month. I always carry my Chanel and wear all my Chanel RTW, it was fine, absolutely no problem. Maybe some of you are just unlucky you had bad experiences.
    But I think you do get some bad people who try and rob you, and make you feel unsafe anywhere you go in the world, that includes the US, UK, China, Japan etc. It depends on whether you're being sensible.
  10. I am in Paris right now and am seeing Chanel bags everywhere. I think no matter what brand you carry, just be smart, and be aware of your surroundings and your belongings.

    I did not bring my flap, btw, because I wanted to be prepared for any new situation and didn't want to have to baby my bag. Instead I've been carrying my crossbody Half Moon WOC, and it's been perfect.
  11. I have rocked my Chanel bags in Paris and other European countries many times and never had a problem. I would however be extra careful when you decide to go to Rome!! Professional thieves there are all over and would not recommend that you carry a Chanel. I was pick pocketed ,got my passport stolen,and thank heavens I wasn't carrying one of my Chanel bags as that would be the first target!!!
  12. i usually only bring my CHANEL WOC's there.They r easy to pack and can be used for any time of the day.
    I had a bag get squished once in my suitcase so i NEVER travel with a large flap..I only use my half moon WOC..I usually bring 2-3 WOC with me in different colors
  13. I brought my jumbo to Paris. I like the idea of a jumbo/maxi because you can carry it across your body which prevents people from snatching it. I feel more secure with crossbody bags. I was on the metro various times.
  14. You are in Paris??? oooh we gota have a drink then ! :P
  15. I spend a lot of time in paris and I recommend you to bring another bag with you because subways are like hell ...