Advice needed for planning a secret Bday bash!

  1. I am planning a secret Bday party for my bfs 23rd Bday. He has no idea what is going on but i just need some advice from those who have done a suprise birthday!
    Any tips etc!
    I will give you the run down of my plan so far!

    I will leave with him to go to a restaurant in town, 15 mins drive at 6:30pm.
    Tell people to come between 7-7:30.
    I will come back with my bf around 8is. (does that seem like a good time frame, keeping in mind the late people?)

    Also, I want to do a big SUPRISE shout from everyone whos there, BUT i dont know how to go about it!
    We have french doors out onto the patio from the back living room, so the curtains would have to be closed in order for him not to see everyone in the garden.
    So how do i get him to go out into the garden without being too weird!

    This is what I am thinking of texting the guests! I have left it too late for invites!

    I'm holding a SUPRISE B'day party for **** at my house Saturday night. Be at mine between 7-7:30 at the latest.
    Please park cars at the top end of the road and don't say anything to ****.
    TB so I know you are coming. Sophie x.

    What do you think, is this ok? Remember we are 19 and 22 so I didn't want anything too formal, but i want to make sure everyone understands that it has to be a secret!

    Please, i really need some help! xx
  2. are you plannng it for this saturday? you have left it a bit late.
    i would ring or text everyone seeing as its too late for invites. if its a nice night you could get him into the garden by suggesting a fw drinks in the garden, dont go to over the top when you are trying to get him out side.
    you could even just leave the patio doors open and then pull the curtains back for the big surprise.
    i hope it all goes well and he has a great birthday.
  3. what if it rains with everyone in the garden?
  4. I planned a surprise bday bash for my bf's bday. Told everyone to be at restaurant at a certain time but in typical form most friends were late. Luckily his mum called round when we were meant to be leaving so we were late ourselves.
    The car thing in deft. important as I told my mates not to park outside restaurant, did they listen? NO, but he didn't notice the cars anyway.

    Just make sure that ppl keep it quiet. When my mate did a surprise bday party at their restaurant for her bf some ppl actually phoned him to ask wot time is the party starting?!?!?

    I personally would tell ppl to get there 15mins earlier then ur planning. If not longer, depends how punctual ur friends normally are? Mine aren't so we normally say an hour earlier for everything we plan.

    HTH and good luck!
  5. omg, my mom and i just had a surprise b-day bash for my was so fun!!!
  6. I have looked on the bbc weather and its dry and sunny on the weeked! if it rains, then hey it rains and everyone will have to come inside!
    I have had nearly everyone text back saying they are coming, 1 couple are on holiday that saturday and the other couple are at a wedding but will come later so hopefully it should be a big turn out!