Advice needed for new LOVE or watch

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  1. Hello my dear TPF fellows :smile:

    I am shopping for either a new LOVE or a new watch (not sure which watch yet but either a BB or a Rolex). My jewelry is all white gold except for my current LOVE which is rose gold (pic for reference). I am thinking of a white gold love to wear with my rose gold love or a two tone watch which I would wear on my right wrist. What would you recommend? Thanks!

  2. WG Love for sure!!
  3. Thanks so much luvmy3girls! I think that will help tie my current jewelry with my love, what do you think? And then maybe I can get the watch later on? thanks for your response!
  4. I vote for WG.
  5. If you don`t have an "every day" watch, I´d say watch first... On the other hand I love the LOVE and want a WG to wear with my RG one day. Good luck with your decision! Please excuse my english, it`s not my first language!
  6. I am not a watch girl at all so my vote goes to WG love. I wear YG and WG combo and absolutely love it.
  7. First of all, I love your love and rings :smile:
    How long do you have your love, it looks so shiny!
    My vote goes to Love, but could you also post a pic of watch?
  8. Two tone watch, definitely!
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  9. Thanks! I think that's what I may end up going with

    I have a Michelle watch...nothing to fancy. I love watches but much more on my dh than on me. Is that odd? I rather watch him a watch than buy me one

    Awww...thanks dear! I've had my love since Nov 2014. It's a bit scratched but I love it! Not sure which watch I'd get just yet...maybe more to come after a day Milan tomorrow.

    Thanks Rami! I love watches but not really for me...more for my Dh. Maybe I haven't tried on the right one?

    Thanks dear!Hope I make a decision soon!
  10. Go with the Love. It will be gorge! Seriously, The Love just begs to be stacked.
  11. Oh and love your wedding set, nothing like a beautiful solitaire.

  12. Thanks Nikki! . On the love, I agree...I stack it with other bracelets but the love is begging for another love ;)
  13. That's what my SA at Cartier said. Although, she has tempted me with lot of mod shots :P

  14. I bet! I think I actually realized what it is with me and watches. I tried a Cartier (I think it was a tank) with a leather strap and fell in love! I think I just need one with a leather strap. I must have tried on 10 watches at Cartier, bulvary, Rolex, etc and nothing Sang to me until I tried on the one with a leather strap. Just gorgeous . Have you given that a try?
  15. Update: so ended up getting the love and I think I found my future watch... We will see :smile:. Hubby and I also got love wedding bands for our anniversary . So special. What do you think? Thanks for letting me share

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