Advice Needed for Conservative, Practical & Frugal Girl Looking to Go L.A.M.B.


Apr 13, 2008
I used to think L.A.M.B. bags were a little too out there for my taste until my mother began to collect them a few months ago. They've since grown on me. However, I'm having a hard time reconciling the QUALITY (e.g., coated canvas bag, the black and white stripes seems to crack while still on display in the store) with the PRICE (e.g., Rasta Ombre Esquivel at local Off Saks is still $329.99 after almost a year on the market) and have held off purchasing anything from the line.

The other day my mother gifted me with a L.A.M.B. large cosmetics case in Cheetah that I plan on using as a clutch. I have to admit that despite my reservations about this line, I absolutely love this little case and am now thinking of purchasing a Signature Collection handbag. Although I really, really like the Rasta Ombre Esquivel, I'm hesitant to pay $329.99 plus 8% sales tax for a year old bag that I could never take to work (too wild). Should I just wait for the more conservative and new Checkerboard Montego, which I could use for both work and play, to go on sale? Also, though I take meticulous care of my possessions, I want a handbag that will withstand a certain amount of wear and tear. For "veteran" L.A.M.B. owners, which style and print handbag in the Signature Collection do you suggest?

On a side note, which do you think is the most classic L.A.M.B. handbag in the Signature Collection (i.e., the bag that in 5-10 years you'll wish or are glad that you'd bought)?

Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.


Jan 19, 2006
I'd say any of the saddle patterns are classic and have real staying power. Also, if your wardrobe is very conservative, it wouldn't clash with your style. I just bought a Lipstick Mandeville, and I love it! I can see me carrying this bag for the next 5-10 years, maybe longer if it holds up. I love the 'pop" of the red patent leather. LV is coated canvas, and it holds up extremely well, so I don't see why L.A.M.B. coated canvas wouldn't hold up just as well.


The K Is Silent
Apr 23, 2007
Boringsville, USA
Hi WinterStorm! If you want something classic that will hold appeal for many years I would suggest one of these three prints in either a Mandeville or Montego:

Saddle: Tan with the black leather trim. It's a very classic color and still has the LAMB appeal without being over the top. If you were to get this bag it would work for both a business a casual setting no problem.

Silver: Dark Grey/Silver with black leather trim. I have a few of these which I use as my "basic black" bags and wear them with cool shades as opposed to warm.

Lipstick Saddle: Tan with burgundy patent leather trim. This draws a little more attention than the regular Saddle or Silver, but in my opinion it just put a little more of a "womanly" flair to the bag. I can still see it being carried in a professional setting as well as being really jazzy when you're off the clock!!

Take some time to peruse our pictures and collections thread and you'll see plenty of bags. Plus, I know the 30% off coupon just ended...but I'm sure there will be another 20% coming up in the next couple of weeks. If you wait for those coupons you can get the bags for between 40% - 50% off.

As for the wrinkling in the's more prevalent in some shapes than others. I have no wrinkling on my Montego or Exeters...but I do on the Mandeville. It's not that bag in my opinion but I guess only time will tell. I do plan on getting some leather conditioner as several LAMBies have suggested though.


foxy lady!
Mar 21, 2007
Hi WinterStorm, welcome the lamb jungle.. :biggrin:
I agree with Melissa71 and Knasarae.. definitely look at the Saddle print.. both the regular and the Lipstick Saddle.. the patent leather on the LS will add just the right amount of POP to your daily wardrobe.. :yes: and as for the wrinkling striped, only my mandevilles have them.. but maybe conditioner will help..


Apr 9, 2007
cornfields of popcorn
^ I agree with everything that's been said already, everyone's made really good points.

As for finding a good price, most lamb eventually makes it to sale and if you are patient you can find some about 50% off. This is at Nordstrom Rack or off 5th when you use one of their 30% off coupons. I recommend off 5th more than NR because it has a bigger and better selection, versus NR that gets a couple bags in every once in a while and they get sold QUICK!

As for a bag that will last a long time, I think you will be happy with any of the bags you choose. If you are worried about cracking on the black and white stripe, do not choose a bag that uses that stripe as a functioning part of the bag, just to be safe (Commodore, Exeter, etc.). I baby my bags and switch them out just about everyday, but I have yet to see any kind of wear on any of my lamb bags. This might be because I simply don't use any single one often enough, but I have been pleased with the quality, especially since I was really weary of it when I first started collecting.

I hope this helps!


Budding Bag Junkie
Dec 27, 2007
Houston, TX
Hi Winterstorm!

I work at a super-conservative place, and I carry LAMB to work - even the rasta and cheetah prints! It's strange, but they do work with classic, tailored suits, tops and jewelry and really spice the whole outfit up.

I can't speak towards the wrinkles on the stripe as I haven't had my bags long enough. But the other ladies who have commented here really know their stuff!


Having said that, the silver pattern goes well with black/charcoal/greys, and the saddle with browns/creams etc. However, to me, animal print is a neutral so I carry the cheetah as I do not have a saddle bag (YET!!!).


Jan 19, 2006
my silver montego is one of the most classic looking bags i own.. if not... it's THE most classic bag I own.


Jul 13, 2007
Rasta is Lamb's sig. print. It was the very first lamb bag created, and then re-issued.

They dont go on super sale, because people still buy them for the price they are at.


Jul 18, 2007
I LOVE my Rasta Westfield, but you should know that the Rasta print is the most sensitive in the LAMB line. Minor white scuffs and whatnot have been known to appear after a bit of wear. Other colors/prints have not had this same tendencies. If you are looking for a bag that will last you forever, I would go with anything Saddle print.


Apr 13, 2008
Thanks to everyone for the advice. After careful consideration, I've decided to throw caution to the wind and buy the Rasta Ombre Esquivel (I love, love, love the cool shape and all the zippers) to use as a "fun" bag. I have enough "conservative" Coach, Dooney & Bourke, Marc Jacobs, etc. to use for work. However, I am looking for a new briefcase, so I'll likely purchase the Black and White Checkerboard if it becomes available in the Kingston.


Jun 14, 2007
^ For a good work-tote, I HIGHLY recommend the St. Thomas tote! It's great, sturdy, holds even a laptop. Especially in the Saddle print - you could pull that off easily.