Advice needed for Campana

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  1. I need your help BV lovers!
    My mom has a Campana, which she rarely uses. I am wondering if a purse organizer would help her spend more time with this beauty. Two years ago, I bought her an Alma Épi Électric and she has been using that purse exclusively ever since. So Campana has been abandoned in her closet, among other unloved purses...

    Any recommendations for a purse organizer?
  2. The Campana has a relatively flat bottom (not unlike myself), so I would think almost any organizer would work nicely. BVpoodle here likes her Samorga organizer if I remember correctly.
    I don't use a purse organizer in my Campana (the smaller one) as I keep necessities in a pouch or five :lol: but I am dying to try the MaiTai ones. I'm a big fan.
    I honestly don't think it matters much with the organizer, as long as it's something that your mum will find functional. The only caution would be to choose something that will not rub or damage the suede interior. Although I can't really see how a fabric organizer would be rubbing the suede interior - you should put it in and it should stay put, right?
    That probably wasn't really helpful at all. My bad.
  3. Have you thought about giving her a pouch? That makes a wonderful gift and helps a lot with organization.
  4. I use my medium Campana both ways, i.e. with pouches or with a purse organiser. I find that with pouches, I get more space within and it helps only when one knows which pouch stores what. A purse organiser allows me to reach in and find what I want instantly, as I already know which compartment stores my wallet or card case or earphones. For me, it spells convenience. If I really need to state my preference, it will be the purse organiser as I have my child with me most of the time and I need to spend less time fumbling with pouches. When I am by myself though, I tend to use pouches because I love my SLGs and I tend to take it easy whenever I have time to myself.

    I do not own a Sarmoga organiser but I had read and seen excellent reviews of it both at PF and Youtube. Pursebling also offers a lot of fabric options, some with a zipper top. Just be mindful of the red ones as they tend to bleed.

    Ultimately, I do feel that perhaps one needs to start using a bag, fall in love with it and eventually will use it a lot.... with or without purse organiser.

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  5. Hi,

    I am using a muji purse organizer for my medium campana. I got it quite a few years back and so I am not sure if you can still find it at your location. It has tons of pockets and I love how the color matches with my bag. It is of the right size and if you look at the last pic, it is fairly visible after I secured my bag.

    HTH a little :biggrin:

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