Advice needed for a "vernis virgin"

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  1. I am a vernis virgin. Well almost. I have a pomme zcp and trunks & bags keychain.

    I wasn't really interested in vernis bags until I saw some pics of the new blue nuit color. Now I am thinking that I need to buy a bag in this color.

    My question is which bag. I am really into shoulder bags right now, but I don't see many posts on bags like the Bellevue GM. I don't really know if people who have them like these bags or not. Are they worth the money?

    I know that the vernis alma is pretty popular, but I have never been an alma person. I have mono & MC almas that I have only carried a handful of times each. Of course this could change if I get an alma in blue nuit...

    Which vernis bag do you like the best for an everyday type bag, and which one do you think looks the best in the blue nuit color?

    I plan on visiting LV next weekend for the Fall/Winter 2009 preview, so I will probably get the bag (if any) then.
  2. heh heh...I still think I like the vernis alma best. I have been using it as my everyday bag since last week and the thing is, I told myself not to use it today but I am still toting it around....:nuts:
  3. I am just afraid that I won't use an alma as much as I should. My track record for using my almas is not very good. Maybe a blue nuit vernis alma would change that. I don't know.
  4. The Bellevue is a great bag, but of course, when one has their mind set on a bag and once they go to the store, its something completely differen't. :P Enjoy your trip!
  5. The Bellevue GM will be awkward to carry because the straps are not really that long for shoulder use. I've gone and tried all Vernis bags (even though I'm a guy LOL) and I must say my most favorite are Alma MM or GM along with Summit Drive and Melrose Ave. Melrose Ave in Bleu Nuit is super hot. The Bagatelle shoulder bag is hot too :smile:
  6. I was recently at a purse forum meet-up in Beverly Hills, and one of the ladies had a BEAUTIFUL vernis bag. In the blue nuit vernis...darling little bag. If I can remember the name ill do my best to post it back.
  7. >.> cough found it, sorry for spamming haha!! its the Wilshire Boulevard retails for 825.00... :smile:
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    Where does the top of the Bellevue GM hit when used on the shoulder?
  9. I'd say don't get any yet at this time and see if LV will release bleu nuit in Brentwood.

  10. can always call and see if they will special order it >.> :yahoo:
  11. In my coworkers case, about 1.5 inches below underarm. It didn't look good at all.
  12. I would do the Alma. Melrose is gorgeous, I really love the look,reminds me of a work bag though. Wilshire is cute and adorable. I vote alma. LOVE it.
  13. This is a good idea! I should just wait to see what else will be released in this color. If I can...
  14. That would be gorgeous, but I dont see any new colors in the Brentwood. Seems they are doing Vernis with no Vache leather now.
  15. Someone posted pics of the blue nuit melrose recently. I am sorry - I have forgotten who at the moment. But that bag is just gorgeous.