Advice Needed! First Chanel Bag from the Boutique

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  1. #1 Jul 13, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2016
    I'm very particular about the Chanel bags that I buy...maybe too particular but to each their own, right? Anywho, most of the bags that I' look for or buy are vintage since I want them from years back and are no longer available at the boutique.

    I'm getting married this year so I wanted to buy a bag to commemorate it. I'm debating between a few bags that are coming out and am having a hard time choosing. Here are my thoughts and if I could get your feedback (pros/cons if you guys have these bags), I would greatly appreciate it!

    Also, my current collection is very small and include a black caviar jumbo and a pink caviar square mini.

    Old medium Boy bag in black caviar with GHW:
    Pros - the meaning, I'm marrying my "boy" (corny, I know but that was my initial though), size
    Cons - price (this will be the most expensive bag in my collection)

    Boy WOC in black caviar with GHW:
    Pros - same as above, price, can be used for dressier occasions
    Cons - might be too small, no back pocket, possible wear and tear of chain against flap

    Rectangular Mini in black (maybe dark pink) caviar with GHW:
    Pros - price, love my square one, can be used for dressier occasions
    Cons - I already have a mini (though not in the same shape but I don't really like having doubles), losing the "boy" meaning

    I am also open to other suggestions. Thank you!!
  2. Out of the 3, I would pick the Boy.
    Other recommendations would be:
    - Beige Claire m/l flap in caviar (now only seasonal)
    - Have you ever considered a Reissue? Classic understated elegance.
  3. +1
  4. I love the beige flap! But I'm too nervous with color transfer...I actually thought maybe red?
    I considered the Reissue too but when I bought one pre-loved, I ended up returning it. I loved the look of it but I didn't like how the bottom bent and smooshiness of it. It was from 2005 though so I"m not sure if the newer ones are sturdier?
  5. Either boy or mini (since you already have a square, maybe get rectangular instead to switch it up!)
  6. Thank you! I edited my post bc I actually would be looking at the rectangular mini :smile: I just don't know if it's "different" enough...
  7. The boy! The price does suck but it's only getting worse with all the price increases Live it up girl! You should treat yourself because you're getting married!

    Also I am a HUGE fan of the boy bag. It is my favorite bag in my collection. I love the mini too but since you already have one I really suggest getting something different. I've never been a fan of the WOC so I wouldn't go for that either.
  8. How about a small boy?
  9. Color transfer on the beige caviar is easy to clean (Meltonian leather lotion, or Apple leather cleaner). As for the reissue, I have 3 Reissues, 2 have very sturdy bottoms (no sagging whatsoever), and 1 is a bit "softer", but that can be helped by putting a shaper inside to support the base.
    Red is great to If you can find the right shade :smile:
  10. Oh I love the meaning you have given to the boy bag!! You should go with this one!! I'm a sucker for keepsakes and this seems perfect!!
    Also this boy bag seems to be the most complementary to your existing Chanel family as this seems the most different to me.
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  11. well then my vote definitely goes for a BOY!!! in terms of bang for your buck, rect mini is at a much better price point ($3100) compared to the medium boy ($4700) and mini is lined in leather but the boy has that less than desirable linen lining. rect mini fits roughly the same amount as medium boy (from the comparison vidoes i've seen, not from personal experience). however, despite saying all those things, i would still say boy (i want one myself but other bags and SLGs just keep taking precendence bc i'm just so addicted to Chanel that i want everything lol) because 1) it was on the top of your list and 2) freakin YOLO!!! hahaha it's your wedding present. GET IT!!!! and freakin enjoy bc we never know what will happen to us and you might as well live it up and get what your heart desires :happydance::yes::drinks:
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  12. Vote for boy because of the meaning!
  13. If we put the meaning aside, which would you guys pick? I'm having such a hard time choosing [emoji22] that price on the boy is making it really difficult to jump the gun...but it MIGHT happen
  14. Definitely the boy! The meaning behind it is so cute, but I don't think there are any black caviar with GHW boys this season in the boutique :/
  15. I got the list from Saks and it looks like they're getting it...ah, decisions decisions...
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