Advice XL Single for Large??

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  1. Hi, My husband just gave me an XL black single for our anniversary. I am thrilled but I really wanted the large size and not sure if I should exchange it. I wanted strictly a going out bag (movies, dinner, etc) not a work bag and feel the XL is a little too big for that type of a setting. What does everyone think? Is the XL much bigger than the large? It would be a real pain for me to trek to the mall to exchange and need to decide by this weekend b/c I want to use the bag on Saturday. I have to admit though that the XL holds much more than I expected it too...can you tell I'm confused!
  2. OK I have a L and XL - L is much better if you just want a 'going out' bag. I used mine the other night and I can fit in a zip clutch, small cosmetic bag, phone, keys with plenty of room to spare. In the XL I can pretty much fit my usual handbag contents, and that is quite a lot!
  3. I think your best bet is to actually go and try the large out before you decide whether to exchange the XL for it. Personally, I think there is a significant size difference as far as what it can hold. I have the XL and it's the perfect size for what I need to carry in my purse.

    Good luck!
  4. what do you usually carry during your nights out? i personally feel the large is better suited for situations where you don't need to tote quite so much as you'd normally would. it's great that the xl is roomier, but you don't need roomier when you're going out to the bar with your friends. plus i like how the large looks better. the xl hangs too low and looks disproportionally large on me. gl with your decision.
  5. Well for going out I pare down a lot. I have a zippy LV wallet which is pretty big but when using a small bag I will use a small coin purse instead. Other than that it is cell, some makueup tissues. Thanks for the responses. I'm going to try to get there on Wednesday and will most likely downsize
  6. That sounds like a good idea. My dh always appreciates if I let him know what I really need instead than to have a gift sit unused...
  7. good luck with your decision! let us know which one you decide on.
    i find myself in somewhat of the same predicament. I don't know if I want to splurge on the XL or just get the L. I like the idea and look of the Large but i'm 5'9", so I don't want it to look too small.
    Any advice on the XL??
  8. How much do you want to carry with you?

    I'm carry mine today, and here is what I am carrying and a guts shot. Missing another iPhone (cos had to use it to take the pics) and my keys and sunnies, but you get the idea.

    With the large, I can fit the ZC, maybe a few of the smaller pouches, phone, keys, sunnies. Definitely can't fit the large makeup case.

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  9. thanks so much for the pics! i tend to carry a decent amount of stuff with me but could probably manage to size down to fit the Large. Do you feel like the XL is a much larger bag than the L when it's on your arm?
    I think I'm going to go to the store this weekend and check them out!
  10. I decided to change for the large. I used it last night for the first time. I love it so much. I don't think you can go wrong either way but for me I have too many large bags and really wanted something small for going out although the large is not what I would consider a small bag. If I can fit my LV zippy wallet in there than to me it's not a small bag.