Advice needed: exchange or keep trench coat

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  1. I bought my first Burberry Trench Coat during Bloomingdales's Friends and Family sale! It was an awesome deal! I was able to get Bloomingdales to price match with another department store and to apply the F&F 20% off that price --> Ended up receiving ~ 50% off retail for a Classic Trench in Trench. :biggrin: I thought this was the best deal ever since other department stores are still selling this trench at retail.

    I was so excited to receive my trench but my face fell when I received my trench coat today in the mail. The Burberry and Bloomingsdales tags are all wrinkled and appear "roughed up". The plastic bag of extra buttons usually attached to the coat was found in a pocket with a random button found in the other pocket. 2 of the buttons have excessive extra threading hanging from them. I think one of the buttons may not be exactly in line with the others. I was kind of disappointed in the condition of the coat. For a coat that retails for $1000, I expected everything to be "perfect" and to have new looking tags as well. I spoke with Bloomingdales about this and they said I can just send it back and do an exchange. They would need to receive the returned item before doing the exchange. I'm hesitant to do that because I need a small size and fear that they may run out by the time they receive my returned item. With regards to the fit of the trench coat, Trench is a beautiful color and the coat fits me wonderfully. Since I am petite (5'2" and 110 lbs), I was surprised at the perfect length and width of the coat.

    I absolutely LOVE this trench coat. I wish that it arrived in better condition. Am I overreacting? What should I do? Should I return the coat and wait for Bloomingdales to exchange the item? Should I just keep this coat since I got it for such a good deal? Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks!
  2. You can purchase the same trench in better condition now(in store or online) and just return the other one when you receive it. That way, you won't miss out on your deal, you will have the right size, and the jacket should be in perfect condition.

    If I were you, I would not keep the one you have since it looks like the jacket has been tried on a lot (or whatever it may be- maybe it was a return from another customer).

    Which trench coat did you buy? Is it the Buckingham trench?

    I bought this one during the bloomies F&F will take 25 days to get here because it's on backorder :pout:
  3. FYI the extra buttons that come with the coat are just sometimes inside the pocket, that's how mine is like too. You should take it into a Burberry boutique and asked to see what they can do about it. My SA told me it's basically a "lifetime guarantee" if any buttons fall off or whatever. They can also steam it for you for free.
  4. I got the buckingham as well, but they sent me the wrong size and now my size is all sold out..... :sad: I'd rather wait 25 days than not have the right thing
  5. OMG! who did you price match with? I couldn't find anywhere that was cheaper :sad:
  6. Thank you everyone for the advice! I bought the Crombrook Trench. I spoke with another Bloomingdales rep today and was told they do not have another trench in the same style, color, and size as the one I ordered. She checked both the online and store inventories. Although the Bloomingdales website is showing the coat as "in stock", the CSR said that it does not reflect "real time" inventory. Since I love the trench and there's not another one in stock, I suppose I'll keep it and bring it into Burberry to see if they can clean up the threading and fix some of the buttons.
  7. Hey, I got the Crombrook Trench too. I got mine from Nordstrom. Do you have any problem with sleeves? Mine is just too long but I'm still keeping and need some advise from people who have this problem.
  8. The sleeves can be taken up but care has to be taken with the cuff strap loops as these can leave pinprick marks in the old position when they are moved. It doesn't tend to be so much of a problem with darker colours but can show on lighter shades. A decent alterations seamstress should be able to help you with this. Perhaps even your local Burberry store, if you have one.