Advice Needed: Eggplant First

  1. Hi all,

    I am being offered a 95%-99% new eggplant first below retail (around $850 or so). The seller is actually my sister's friend so I was wondering if this is a good buy. I actually prefer an eggplant city but since the color itself is so rare and hard to come by, I'm feeling rather compelled towards it. Hope you ladies can me out here! :amuse:
  2. GET IT! I have one and love it. That is a great price, as it is a highly sought-after color. I paid more for mine - you are getting a great deal.
  3. That is an excellent price. If you like the bag, you should definitely jump on the offer; I don't think you'll find another Eggplant bag for that price ever again. I think it's a real steal.
  4. Oh,
    I would get it. I dont think you would be sorry at all.
  5. I would get it!! If you later think it is too small I'm sure you could sell it woutout problem, likely for more than that price!
  6. I think you should definitely get it! I would!
  7. Get it get it get it!!! I've been looking for one but to no avail.
  8. I'd get it. sounds like a great price for a great color (my personal fave)
  9. go get it!!!! if not, there are a lot of lovely ladies in here who love to get that;) ;) :nuts: :love:
  10. Yes... you must get it!! :love:
  11. GET IT!!!! I would love to be able to get one at that price! You are so lucky
  12. very true!
  13. I knew I could count on you ladies! Thanks a bunches~!! I'm going to get it then! ;)
  14. Good decision twigz! You must post pictures when it arrives :biggrin:
  15. congrats! thats a STEAL!