Advice Needed! Damier Koala Agenda or Mono Koala w/Pink Interior??

  1. I need some advice from all my friends on the forum!

    I have a beautiful mono Koala agenda with the rose pink interior which I love and use daily. However, I'm worried about the pink getting dingy with too much use and it's a discontinued item which can't be replaced.

    I also have a new Damier Alma which I'm really enjoying.

    My SA actually managed to find a Damier Koala Agenda with the bright red interior for me (which is also discontinued and practically impossible to get) which would be more durable in terms of the color and would look really pretty in my Damier Alma.

    I probably wouldn't sell the Mono with the pink interior because I love it too, with my mono bags, and it's easy to transfer the agenda pages from one agenda to another.

    My question is this: Would it be silly and extravagent to get the Damier Koala Agenda with the red interior since it would be a great daily agenda and would save my mono one from wearing too fast, and both styles are discontinued and I love these agendas much more than any of other styles (I love the clasp and the way it clicks shut).

    The other thing I'm thinking about is getting a different wallet than my porte tresor international instead; however, the porte tresor is only a year old, in gorgeous condition, and that seems kind of silly just to trade for a zippy.

    Advice, please!!!!!!! My SA is holding the agenda for me. I know if I say I don't want it, it will be gone in a heartbeat. What to do?
  2. I have the mono with pink too, and it's still beautiful after a year and a half of use. I even used it as a wallet for a little while. Personally, while I love damier (have two saleyas as well as the mini pochette) I found that in the agenda with red interior form, it just seemed too "mature" for me. If that makes sense. So I chose the mono/pink one instead.
  3. Jane - Mature, for me, is probably good. I'm 50 and a paralegal. I love the mono-pink one too; I just don't want it to get ruined over time and then I can't replace it with anything but a really boring one.

    Do you think I should get a zippy wallet instead? It's hard because I already bought the zippy once, and ended up giving it to my daughter because she loved it so much. It's hard to pay for two Zippy's!
  4. I love the zippy, it's on my wish list. I don't own a long style wallet and if I ever got one, it would be the zippy or the pochette in Damier.
  5. I love the zippy too! So you like the Zippy better in the Damier than Mono?
  6. Yeah, for whatever reason, I do :smile: I admit I am weird about how I pick and choose my canvases. Like, I prefer multicolore canvas in small accessories rather than handbags.

    (Of course if I could *afford* it, I would get the zippy in Suhali leather)

    Go with what you love, is what I say. In the end it's up to you.
  7. Thanks for the help! It's hard - that darn zippy is over $600 now!
  8. mono w/ pink interior! it's the perfect example of how pink can be used in a mature fashion.
  9. That's a tough one. Wow! I've been looking for the agenda with red interior for more than a year now with no luck. I would say get the red. But then again, do you really need/want 2 agendas? Hhmmm.....It's tough to let that chance go but if the answer's no, then get a wallet. I would prefer a damier zippy or an epi eugenie....
  10. awww a mono koala w/pink interior?? i wanna seee. I never knew they made those..
    i wantttt
  11. This is the pink:

  12. This is the red Damier:

  13. I'd keep the Mono with the pink interior.
  14. I was going to keep the pink - I love it. Do you think it's too much to get the Damier in red too, or should I pick the Damier Koala Wallet, or a zippy wallet?

    OR - Should I get a Damier Speedy 30?
  15. Go for the damier in red interior. I love how the color *pops*. However, I am one of those odd people that enjoys switching bags and such everyday. If you are the same then switching between the pink and the red interiors will be the way to go.