Advice needed! Copper Ostrich Cocker vs Medium Peltro Cabat

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  1. i preordered the copper intrecciato ostrich cocker and it should be in store in mid-feb, now i m thinking to switch my choice to the SO peltro cabat from hawaii store. After placing the order at the trunk show, i keep asking myself if i have made a wrong decision:confused1:: the cocker seems over-priced, is it worth to pay >$7000 on a shoulder bag when i can get almost 2 cabats or a 30cm birkin if adding $1000 more. i am sure the cocker is an adorable bag (and it looks better than the copper ostrich bag on page 57) or i wont pay the deposit at that time. however, should i save $$$ now and get another cabat instead (and focus on collecting cabat only in future). i m using my cobalt cabat everyday and i dont need anything else with a zipper as an alternative. i hv 3 cabats and the copper cabat is yet to be collected, should i add the peltro to complete the collection? or should i add something different? i need your advice~
  2. if you love cabats, i think you should stick with them, or choose another BV tote for variety since you don't need the zipper.... but then if cabats work for you, they work, KWIM?

    there are sooo many great choices for SS09, i think if you are not feeling the love for the cocker, at >$7000 it is crazy to stay with it. had a ottone peltro lizard cabat on hold for a client.... now that sounds completely delicious to me!
  3. I would say go for the SO peltro cabat [well, I love it :heart: and I would really like to have it if I can think of any use out of it; it's just too big and open for me :sad:] ! It seemed to me you have your mind on the cabat more than the cocker. Having a collection of cabats is breathtaking ! You always can come back to the Copper Ostrich Cocker later if you wish.
  4. Cabat for me too please!!!
  5. ottone peltro lizard cabat - sounds fabulous.............drool :smile:

  6. The medium Peltro Cabat mentioned a few days ago is no longer available. I spoke with Bryan about the Lizard Cabat in Peltro/Ottone. It is a size large and $31,000. I bet it is beautiful!
  7. no longer available!! :wtf:
    Lizard Cabat in Peltro/Ottone. It is a size large and $31,000. :faint: Hopefully there'll be pictures of it so I can :drool:
  8. This sounds like the Iron/Brass Lizard Cabat, same as Porchegirl's. That's the ultimate Cabat, better than the croc one.
  9. i would say you never need anything else if you had this in your collection :tup:

    where is porschegirl? i miss seeing her gorgeous beautiful SO reveals, only rivaled by your purchases, UCLABOI
  10. I think it's good to have a mix in your collection, but if you are second guessing it, then follow your gut and get the cabat!
  11. Go for the cabat, cabat girl! Now that the SO Peltro is gone, maybe you can try changing your order to the copper cabat? :shrugs:
  12. Wouldn't an oxidized copper Cabat look gorgeous! I'm sure you can SO another Peltro, I meant that the spare one in Hawaii was sold.
  13. Cabat all the way!
  14. dear ladies, just like to share with you all that i have made my special order of the medium peltro cabat eventually. given there is no new cabat in the fall collection and so not much spending on bv items for the coming season, i decide this is the right timing of making a SO (does it make sense to you?). anyway, not sure if its because of the poor economic situation or the weak euro or due to the availability of the materials, its quoted HK$38800, merely a mark up of 10% on the original price of nappa cabat; then i enjoy 10% for gucci vip and it will take only 3 mths for the delivery, what a deal! i also pick up my orange/copper cabat, my first and possibly my last goatskin cabat. its stiff and extremely heavy, carrying the bag feels like lifting the weights walking around, if u hv no time going to the gym, buy yourself a goatskin cabat (just kidding!)

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