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  1. :yes: :heart: :yes: Hi! I have an amazing Large Chloe Paddington but I hate to admit it, I have only carried it two times... for some reason I always walk out the door with one of my Gucci's. I am looking to sell my Chloe but hesitate on trying to sell her on ebay because most are fakes and I don't want to feed Chloe to the sharks! She needs much more respect than she is getting in my collection. Any recommendations on how to sell Chloe?
  2. There is a marketplace her which you could apply to be allowed to sell on
  3. what marketplace?
  4. eBay, craigslist, newspaper ad, consignment shop. That's about it. This is the fifth time you've asked the same question in various places on the board. You are not allowed to write "gee, i need to sell my bag" wink-wink posts here - soliciting private sales is not allowed. Good luck.
  5. Thank you, I wont ask again. I am not trying to sell it on purse forum, I just did not know if there was some other site that selling was done specific to handbags.
  6. oh, and iOffer, but that's mainly fakes, or eBay resale shops in your area can list it for you. Any other website where selling goes on is probably limited to established members only (which is why they aren't commonly known) so there is no quick fix/alternative to eBay. It's safer to sell on eBay than it is to buy as far as Chloe is concerned. The real sharks are the counterfeit sellers and they aren't going to be your customer.
  7. Why would all your threads talk about selling your paddy, if you weren't "looking to sell it here?" It seems very odd to me IMO :Push:
  8. me too ;)

    Its very sad that some people only want to use our forum to try and sell things they do not want :sad:. This is an appreciation site, not somewhere to peddle your wears! (If you look at the profile, I am not convinced this newbees bag is actually authentic anyway :rolleyes: !