Advice needed - Can scratches come out of pebbled leather?


chocolate bag addict
Jul 25, 2008
That is vintage leather and is supposed to scratch. It enhances it's appearance. I would call Coach ot check their website to see what to use on it. I don't think they recommend anything on the mineral chelseas.

I have this same bag, wristlet, and wallet, and I totally agree that the scratches on the vintage leather is what gives this particular bag character. It scuffs/scratches so easily. I've actually scuffed mine up a bit in spots to keep the scratching "even." I would not use Apple too often...the grain WILL collapse. It did on my wristlet (oops) after using Apple only two times, and now the wristlet doesn't quite match the bag. I don't think I'd ever use it on the bag itself!


Pandora & Lush
Feb 9, 2009
wow thanks sooo much for all the great advice. i coudln't find the thread for awhile then i kinda forgot ooops!

i love legacy leather and am very used to scratches/scuffs. the pics do not capture how "bad" (so to speak) these are, for some reason theyre quite noticable but oh well i really don't mind. but my boyfriend was kinda perterbed about them b/c i shouldn't have bought the bag really in the first place =o) and he thought it would be perfect condition kwim.. he even said "no more used bags!" when he saw it eep! i try to keep the Purse-Peace between us b/c he's very supportive of my coach habit so i'm lucky there!!!!

i tried rubbing them ALOT and it didn't quite help. i will def try a tiny bit of baby oil.

PS i am dying to find the wristlet!!