Advice needed; buyer says bag is damaged

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  1. Hi All - I'm looking for a little feedback and advice. I just listed and sold a bag on eBay. It is new, never used and in perfect condition. Buyer received it today and sent email saying there is some "gunk" all over one of the rings on the handle. She is sending it back to me because it is "damaged" in her opinion.

    Honestly, I do not remember seeing anything on the hardware, so I can't refute her claim until I see it. But I'm worried now about bait and switch -- even though the buyer has 100+ positive feedback.

    What are my obligations as a seller? My listing specifically states no returns accepted. But if the bag is truly damaged, I feel compelled to refund her money.

    I'm very interested to hear what the experienced sellers here think.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. If you are going to sell anything on ebay ever, then you need to be very familiar w/ Ebay's newest version of Buyer Protection - which does somewhat address a seller's obligation.

    You have no obligation to refund your buyer until you receive the item back and inspect it.

    IMO, buyer's have the upper hand on ebay. Ebay encourages sellers to take returns, and really does not care that a seller says "no returns".

    There have also recently been incidents of buyer's filing CC charge backs, getting a refund and NOT being required to return the merchandise.

    SO.. read the Buyer Protection Policy. Weigh your options. Do you want to just get your bag back and refund her? Or wait for her to file a dispute or CC charge back and take your chances? And then deal w/ whatever feedback an irritated buyer may leave?

    Quite frankly, having an unhappy buyer is simply not a good situation, no matter what. Sometimes it's best to take least painful way out and run.

    Wait for some of our sellers here to chime in with their advice and experiences.

    In the meantime, read the Buyer Protection Policy. A worthy read....
  3. Thanks so much for your input, Ellie Mae! I agree that eBay protects buyers more than sellers. I definitely do NOT want to go through a claims process -- I would rather just refund the money and get my bag back.

    Thanks for the links -- I appreciate your advice.
  4. You are welcome. Sorry you have to deal with this!
  5. Is it a Coach Bag with the oxidation issues?
  6. I would ask for a picture so you can see what she is talking about. If it is actually a NEW Coach bag and her issue is legit, it would probably be better to have her return it and then you can take it to Coach to see if they will exchange/replace it for another bag. It doesn't matter how old it is.
  7. Have her return the bag to you and upon examination you will refund her money

    If she opens a claim , eventually she probably will get a refund and you might

    not get your bag back.. hope this works out for U
  8. I would take the bag back and file an agreement to cancel the transaction thru ebay... get your fees back and then sell it to someone who will truly love the bag.

  9. Also adding to that..make sure in your listing..that you take very detailed pictures,,let people know they can contact you with questions b4 the bidding ends,,otherwise all sales are that if they try to open a claim you covered yourself by writing this in your listing...<look at other listings to get more ideas>
  10. I DO agree that this type verbage & MANY detailed photos needs to be in a listing. However, ebay/PP do not recognize "all sales final"... that verbage will not cover a seller in event of dispute/claim.
  11. No, it's actually a Bottega Veneta, and I didn't see anything wrong with the hardware!
  12. Thanks for the advice, Thithi...this is exactly what I plan to do. She is sending the bag back to me as we speak and I still need to sell it!

    I appreciate all the kind responses here - thank you all!!