Advice needed! Buyer is claiming I sold her a fake Gucci Bag, but its authentic!


Jun 12, 2009
New York
Hello All,
This is a first for me; I sold an authentic Gucci Rebelle Purse on Ebay. Buyer emailed me today and is saying its fake and she wants her money back. I only sell authentic purses and I have 100% feedback and so does the buyer. I replied to her in ebay messages and asked that she provide pics of the bag I shipped out to her including the strap, card and dustbag I included in the box.
I am waiting for her to respond. Please tell me how I should handle as this is the first time this has ever happened to me.
Thanks all for your help!


Sep 5, 2014
Hi...sorry for this situation. Maybe a mod can move this to the eBay subforum, because there will be more people who are experienced with specifically this type of thing.

Worst case is, be prepared for eBay to force you to accept a return. If this happens, document the moment you unbox it (maybe use your phone's camera and video it), and check it over carefully for signs of damage or dishonest swap. :sad: