Advice Needed: BG Pink or Vert Deau First?


Which color first?

  1. Vert Deau

  2. BG Pink

  3. Nothing. Wait for SS08 new colors!

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hi there,

    I have recently trimmed down my bbag collection to a black first and a sandstone work. Now I want some color.

    I can't decide between bubble gum pink or vert deau first. I love the first size so I think I'll be slowly starting a Balenciaga First collection.

    Since I'm a brunette, I find vert deau to be more suitable for my complexion, but BG pink is just so cute too. Well then, VD is so refreshing too. Ahhhh....

    Oh, this bag will be a spring/ summer bag.

    Please help!
  2. this tough because both color are pretty. i would go for VD myself. good luck in your decision. you can't go wrong with either one.
  3. I have BG & I love it. I have seen so many VD around & they are GORGEOUS too!!! Since you said VD is more suitable for your skintone, get VD!!!
  4. I say BG... nice colour for the first IMO
  5. You definitely can't go wrong with either, but I think that I would go with the Vert d'eau!! There is just something about that minty color that I am really drawn to!!
  6. i chose vert deau.. just such a pretty color!
  7. BG pink!! im loving mine!!
  8. Ummm... difficult choices, but I think I'll go for BG pink :tup:
  9. I vote for BG pink too!
  10. Normally I would say BG, but I love the Vert Deau!
  11. yay I'm glad to see so many people are saying the vert I adore mine and so many people have BG so be different, have people look at you and be like wow you dont see many if that color its gorgeous! Go VD!! The leather is PERFECTION!!
  12. Tough choice, both the BG and Vert Deau are sweet shades and they're both known to have pretty yummy leather :love:
    I think what it boils down to now is which you can work into your wardrobe better than the other.
    I can probably see myself pairing the Vert Deau with more outfits than the BG, and Vert Deau isn't ordinarily my cup of tea :p
    Good luck with your choice, you can't go wrong with either!
  13. I vote Vert Deau - love that cool minty green - perfect for S/S!
  14. Though I love VD equally, in this case I am voting for BG..It's so cute in this colour :smile:

    Here is pic of my first BG..
    Perhaps it can help you decide or ..enable :graucho:
  15. i voted for VD.. it's such a beautiful and unique color.. maybe you can get an coin purse in BG