Advice Needed-Better to travel 1 and 1/2 hours to LV Boutique, or

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  1. but from eLux. I am wanting the Neverfull pm.
    Any thoughts would be appreciated:idea:
  2. Normally I would say that you should go to the store and try on the item to make sure it works for you. But, considering the hour and a half drive to the store and gas prices I would say get it from eLux. If you are unhappy with the item you can exchange or return it.
  3. Its only 90 minutes... some people do that every day just to get into work...
  4. i would def try and get into the boutique....the experience of seeing and trying things in person is well worth it imo.
  5. My closest boutique is 1.5 hours away also.

    If it is something I know I want, I just order from eLux so I can save on tax & get the rebates. However, if it is something I'm unsure of the size, feel, or how it will look on me, I take a trip to the boutique!
  6. You will love this purse, it"s my favorite, and it"s not that expensive,lovesbmw
  7. elux, no teax, saves the gas, and delivered to your door
  8. Agree, go elux, no tax which will save you some money.
  9. If you have already tried on the bag or seen it IRL, then order through elux.
    If you haven't, I would suggest taking the trip to the store and making a day of it!
    Check out all of the goodies, try on your bag and have a blast! There's nothing like a boutique experience and if you try the bag and it isn't for you, you might find something else.
  10. ^^ I agree. If you're unsure of the item at all, go to the store. Call first to make sure they have the item in stock!

    I've only ordered through elux twice, when my local store didn't have what I wanted in stock. The first time, it went perfectly. The second time, I wished I had just waited for the item to come back into stock at my local store. Elux CS was great about handling the return (my bag looked defective and/or used), but it was still time consuming waiting for the bag, inspecting it, packing it back up, taking it to be shipped back, and waiting for the refund. My second item was probably a fluke, but given the option to shop at the store, I'd always prefer to do that.:yes: Instant gratification, and little chance of an unpleasant surprise.
  11. Thank-you ever so much to all of you. I will reveal when I purchase:yahoo:
  12. depending on where you live, I would go with eluxury no sales tax and free shipping.
  13. Where does it say "free shipping" on the sight? I can't seem to find that:confused1:
  14. My understanding is that you'd have to wait for a free shipping promotion, and then also buy something non-LV (because there is no free shipping for just LV items).

    Because I have a store nearby, it wouldn't be worth it for me to wait for a promotion, and then spend more money just to get "free" shipping. It might be different if there were no store within driving distance, I understand that. But like I said before, I'd prefer going to the store if that were an option, so that I could be sure the item is just what I want and I can have it immediately.
  15. I live in Canada, so can't take advantage of elux. But I have read a few posts about people receiving less than perfect items. I always enjoy trips to the boutique, plus you would get to see other LVs IRL.