Advice Needed! Baby Bag Insert/Organizer and first time travelling tips please!

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  1. Hi Everyone!

    we will be travelling with our four month old at the end of the month to LA. I just bought a Chanel Deauville tote to use as a baby bag. Any specific inserts you use to organize the items in the bag?

    Also, how do you pack for the day out while walking around and can't get back to the hotel, or should we go back often for him to rest, etc?

    Any tips and travelling advice would be greatly appreciated!!
  2. I never owned a dedicated baby bag with my first and won’t with my second (on the way) either. I had an extra large Longchamp pouch I packed with a travel changing pad, wipes, travel sized tubes of Aquaphor and butt paste, wet/dry bag, and two full changes of clothes. I nursed, so no formula or bottles needed.

    As for packing for the day, I’d just bring a baby carrier and a stroller bassinet. At four months old they’ll be sleeping for odd stretches and if you go back every time for a nap, you’ll never go anywhere!
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  3. thanks so much for the tips! Everytime we take the boy out it looks like we going away for the weekend :yes:

    2 sets of clothes should be enough for a 12 hour flight right? We are jumping straight into a car and heading to san diego from LAX - so will be on the road for at least another couple hours..
  4. Unless I'm going to places that aren't strollerfriendly i.e. certain restaurants, I always bring mine. Some have great storage solutions built in for diapers, wipes, extra clothes and small toys. You can also purchase clip on storage solutions. I use a BumbleRide that was gifted to me, it has ample storage but isn't a huge stroller. Doing this gives me the assurance of having enough stuff without needing a bunch of bags.
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  5. For a twelve hour flight, I’d pack three changes. I’d also pack a change for yourself because as I’ve learnt, baby spit up/vomit on your clothes mid-flight is unpleasant for everybody, most of all you!
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  6. great advice! thanks.. totally didn't think of bringing change of clothes for ourselves. :yucky:
  7. Bring like 3 outfit changes. Light clothes nothing bulky it's just more cr@p for you to carry. Like leggings/pants and long sleeve onesies. Anything you can easily roll up. Pack a lot of diapers for the flight because you just never know esp if there are delays. Since you'll be in the US don't pack diapers in your suitcase it'll just take up unnecessary space. Once you land you can just buy a bag of diapers at a pharmacy like Walgreens or a supermarket during your drive. As for the insert check out Amazon they have a lot of inserts in there. I def need one as well my bag is always a mess.

    Also, when ever we fly I always have a travel size packet of disinfecting wipes. I'm a germaphobe so when we fly I wipe down the arm rests, the table, the window. Anywhere the baby will touch. Also bring some kind of pain relief medicine for the baby. The pressure can hurt their ears and they get irritable. I bring little baby puffs for them to snack on while the plane takes off and comes down for landing to pop their ears.

    When you're out and about you can probably just take 1 or 2 outfits. If baby naps then maybe go back to the hotel for a little nap or baby can sleep in the stroller if you don't want to go back to the hotel.