Advice needed asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. So I have been very fortunate to stumble across a FENDI 2JOURS handbag at TJ MAXX!!!! HOWEVER, I have never boughten any kind of designer handbag from a store like TJ MAXX and just wonder why designers or purses like that end up there..... The purse I found and want has the luggage tag and shoulder strap with it but I'm still leery on making this purchase tomorrow!!

    Please help! Is it okay to buy these bags from these stores????

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  2. I think you should be fine. Hopefully they are still there tomorrow. If anything use a card like Amex so you'll be covered if there are any issues returning it. Diff tj maxx have higher end designers esp if it's a runway store.
  3. I agree - by and large items at TJ's are authentic (there is the occasional story of a fake, but that is pretty rare)...

    Usually things end up there for various reasons - too much inventory at boutiques/large stores, items that don't sell elsewhere, etc.

    Post pics if you can when you buy it! :smile:
  4. Phew, thank you ladies! A friend found it for me and I called and had it held for me until I can purchase it! So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that there are no obvious issues with it making it be the price that it is!!

    But of course, I will do a reveal!!! :smile:

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  5. In the past two years, bought 4 Fendi bags and one Ferragamo. They are authentic and I love them. I make sure each has a dust bag and the correct tags. Most on clearance. Go for it if you love the bag.

  6. How lucky are you! And yes I do love the bag, I've been wanting a fendi 2jour so thought this was the perfect opportunity! I will def. make sure the dust bag and tags are correct! Thank you :smile: