ADVICE needed ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. So I have been very fortunate to stumble across a FENDI 2JOURS handbag at TJ MAXX!!!! HOWEVER, I have never boughten any kind of designer handbag from a store like TJ MAXX and just wonder why designers or purses like that end up there..... The purse I found and want has the luggage tag and shoulder strap with it but I'm still leery on making this purchase tomorrow!!

    Please help! Is it okay to buy these bags from these stores?????

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  2. The bags at TJMaxx are legit, they're not fake or anything, but as far as I can tell, they are made with the intent of selling them at a TJMaxx/Marshalls price point, so they're not the same as the ones you would buy at a higher end store. The bag you would pay $1750 for at Nordstrom's is not on sale for $200 at TJMaxx.
  3. Certainly. Designer bags and other things end up at TJ Maxx and Marshall's because their store buyers bought the stock from closing retailers and from those that couldn't sell it, and made a deal to at least get something for the items.

    Wrong. You're thinking of places like Coach's Factory Outlet. See above response.

  4. Thank you for that!!! Makes me feel better about the purse! :smile:

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  5. Congrats on your find - the great designer bag deals found at TJ Maxx are legendary. I am lucky enough to live fairly close to a 'runway' store - or should I day 'unlucky' - there have been Bottega Veneta items seen there... :sweatdrop: