Advice Needed: After Baptism Outfit

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  1. I bought a gorgeous baptism gown for dd and now I need to buy something for her to wear after the baptism. She will be far to uncomfortable in a really long gown, so we need a wardrobe change. Any suggestions? Should it be white? a dress?
  2. I'm having the family over for a small party. Lunch and cake.
  3. Wow! Just noticed that the link is to the site where I ordered her baptism gown and I was looking at the exact same dress you sent.
  4. Oooh, which gown did you get? I have several bookmarked for my baby's christening in April. I wanted to go with a long gown, which is what I have bookmarked, but now I'm thinking of going with a dress rather than gown since she will be somewhat mobile by then (she's 7 months actual, 5 months adjusted right now).